Chapter 586.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Her passion is amazing!?
Having Alicia-sama, who had fainted, quickly placed on the sofa in the lounge and monitoring her condition, both Mariel-chan and I heaved a sigh of relief when she regained consciousness.

“….? I-I…?”

“Alicia-sama! I’m glad… how are you feeling?”

“Yes, I am fine… um, Cristea-sama. The person who appeared earlier, could it be…?”

Alicia-sama asked with an apprehensive expression.

While the portraits of the past Kings, along with Leon-sama, are depicted in the Royal Palace, all of them show his lion-like Sacred Beast form. It seems that only a handful of people in the palace know about his humanoid form. Therefore, it’s understandable that Alicia-sama is not familiar with his human appearance.

“Yes. That person was Leon-sama, the guardian Sacred Beast of the Doristan Kingdom.”

“To have the honor of witnessing Leon-sama’s noble face… what incredible luck! Ah… and yet, I fainted, how pathetic…”

Alicia-sama blushed with joy for a moment, then immediately made a teary face. Her emotions have been like a roller coaster since a while ago; I hope she’s okay.

“U-umm, Alicia-sama? The earlier incident couldn’t be helped… the magic power pressure earlier was tremendous.”

Mariel-chan took out a handkerchief and handed it to Alicia-sama, consoling her as she was in a semi-teary state.

“Magic power pressure?”

… Wait, what’s going on?

“You didn’t notice? Oh, you’re so slow. The magic power of your Sacred Beasts and that Leon person clashed, and the recoil hit us! I quickly shielded Mariel from the pressure, but Allie took it directly in the face, so she fainted, you know?”


Was that what happened!?

“We protected Cristea, so no problem.”

“Well, my Lord wouldn’t be impacted by something of that extent in the first place, so it was no problem.”

No problem? Isn’t that a bit too casual!?
Miria happened to leave the room to prepare tea for Leon-sama, so she was spared, but Alicia-sama had a tough time!
I cannot complain about Suzaku-sama because she was my bodyguard!


“Alicia-sama, I apologize sincerely!”

The clash of magic power between Kurogane, Mashiro, and Leon-sama caused Alicia-sama to faint, and as the master of these two Sacred Beasts, it’s my responsibility.

“It’s not your fault, Cristea-sama. However… as you have warned, it is indeed inevitable that the Sacred Beast contract can be a disadvantage…”

“A disadvantage? Oh, about being a potential fiancée for Crown Prince Raymond.”

“At the very least, I believe it won’t work in your favor. Unless the contracted Sacred Beast can get along with Leon-sama, it might not be advantageous…”

Well, my children would find it impossible.
As I silently made that remark in my mind, Kurogane and Mashiro stepped forward at the same time.

“Hmph, I have no intention of getting along with him since he’s my nemesis.”

“Me neither. I don’t really like that guy.”

“… So they say.”

I knew it~ That’s what I thought!

However, Kurogane! Don’t say you have a history or a grudge with Leon-sama!
Because if people catch on, they might connect the dots that the Fenrir mentioned in the founding records who fought with Leon-sama before the founding is you, Kurogane!
It might be noticed by someone perceptive, you know!?

“… Is that so?”

A shadow fell over Alicia-sama’s expression.

“Um…? Is there something on your mind?”

“Huh? No, it’s nothing… um, I wanted to ask the Sacred Beasts about something…”

Though she immediately denied my inquiry, it seemed there was something on her mind after all.

“Oh my, what is it?”

When Ruby responded on behalf of the unresponsive other Sacred Beasts, Alicia-sama continued.

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