Chapter 588.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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If one does not work, he shall not eat.
The dormitory cafeteria is out of food due to the conversation dragging on… or rather, there might not be anything decent left, so I decided to invite Oniisama and Crown Prince Raymond to dinner.

“Cristea’s homemade cooking! It’s been a while!”

Pushing aside the excited Crown Prince Raymond, Oniisama looked at me with concern.

“Tea, are you sure about this? Suddenly making food for two more people…”
“It’s fine. Since the Sacred Beasts eat a lot, I always make extra, so adding one or two more portions won’t be a problem.”
“I see… then, let’s not hesitate to enjoy it.”
“Yes, please do.”

As Oniisama and I exchanged smiles, Kurogane and Mashiro, who had transformed into humanoid forms, stood firmly by my sides.

“… In this dormitory, we follow the rule of ‘those who don’t work, don’t eat,’ so there’s no food for the incompetent, right?”
“That’s right! Incompetents, go home!”
“Kurogane! Mashiro! They were invited by me, okay? I apologize for their rudeness.”

Apologizing in a fluster for Kurogane and Mashiro’s rude behavior, Oniisama intervened.

“No, if that’s the rule of this special dorm, we’ll follow it. What can we help with?”

As Oniisama made the offer with a gentle smile, Crown Prince Raymond was taken aback.

“Eh… m-me too!? Oh, no. Right! I’ll help Cristea too!”
“Eh!? N-no way, I wouldn’t make Your Highness and Oniisama do that!”

I was more shocked by their reactions.

Surely, it’s absurd to make these two cook, isn’t it?
What on earth are Kurogane and Mashiro saying!

Thinking this, I turned to Kurogane and Mashiro, who were lamenting, “I can’t believe they’re insisting…” and “Grr, this is unexpected…!”
Did they think the two of them would leave in anger if they said that!?
Ah, geez~!


After scolding Kurogane and Mashiro, I apologized to them for their rudeness and told them their help wasn’t necessary, but Oniisama gently refused, saying, “Those who don’t work, don’t eat, right?”

Knowing Oniisama, he wouldn’t budge in situations like this, I quickly gave up, and we all headed to the cafeteria together.

“…So, what can we help with?”
“Yeah! Just tell us what you need!”

… Umm.
Asking high-ranking noble boys who’ve probably never cooked before to cook… especially His Highness. It’s within the academy, so it shouldn’t be considered disrespectful, right…?

“Well, for now, please wipe the tables and prepare the cutlery. Oh, and just in case, please purify yourselves with a Clear spell.”

I left the guidance of the two to Sei and started cooking. Sorry, Sei!

Luckily, the rice was already soaked and ready to be cooked in the pot on the magic stove, so I moved to the refrigerator to decide on the menu.

“Hmm, what should I make for today’s main dish…”

Since I always cook plenty of rice and turn the leftovers into rice balls for storage in my inventory, I should have enough rice…

“Oh, there’s some Cockatrice meat.”

Cockatrice is like a giant chicken from my past life… well, not exactly a chicken since it has a snake tail… but it’s a similar kind of creature. It’s larger than a chicken, so there’s plenty of meat, and it’s delicious too.

“All right, let’s use this!”

Mariel-chan and I were fine with just a tea party, but the boys were probably starving, so I need to make something quick and hearty.

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