Chapter 588.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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If one does not work, he shall not eat.
In addition to the side dish, I want some soup, so I’ll choose cabbage and sweet potato-like potatoes for the miso soup ingredients.
I cut them roughly, placed them in a large pot with water-based dashi, cooked them together, dissolved the miso, and heated it without boiling to complete the soup.

Then, I started preparing the Cockatrice thigh meat, eggs, and onions.
I cut the onion in half and slice it thinly, and cut the thigh meat into bite-sized pieces.
Next, I cracked the eggs into a bowl and beat them.
The trick to making it fluffy is to mix the eggs slowly without beating them too much.

Yes, today I’m making Cockatrice oyakodon.
Though the eggs aren’t from a Cockatrice.

After showing the cutting examples for each ingredient, I left it to Kurogane and the others, put dashi, soy sauce, mirin, and water in a pot and heat it.
Once it boils, add the meat and onions, simmer while turning the meat until cooked.
Up to this point, finish it in a large pot, and add the egg mixture in a frying pan.
While confirming that the rice was cooked and letting it steam, I prepared soup bowls instead of rice bowls, and had the pot of miso soup brought to the dining hall.

While glancing sideways at Mariel-chan preparing the salad (which Mariel-chan calls a “sculpture” consisting of mashed potato body with frilly lettuce dress), I divide the ingredients into individual portions on the frying pan lined up on the stove.

After heating up the slightly cooled ingredients, I poured in the beaten eggs, and when it started to solidify a bit, I poured in more egg mixture.
The way the eggs are beaten, and by pouring them in twice, the eggs don’t solidify too much, resulting in a fluffy and creamy texture.
Once the plump Cockatrice thigh meat and sweetened onions were mixed in, it was perfect.

I had Suzaku-sama serve the rice, then topped it with the contents of the frying pan, still fluffy and soft, and it was done.
I asked Byakko-sama to put it in the inventory and distribute miso soup individually, and once everyone’s served, we took our seats.
As I signal with my “Please, everyone, help yourselves,” everyone joined in with “Itadakimasu,” and it was a bit amusing to see Crown Prince Raymond looking puzzled at everyone before hurriedly copying them and starting to eat.

“Yummy! What’s this? The eggs are so creamy… And this meat, is it Cockatrice? I always thought rice was best with curry, but this is good too!”

Crown Prince Raymond seemeds to have become captivated by the oyakodon after just one bite, as his chopsticks never stopped moving.


“This is… Oyakodon, right? You made it for me before. Yeah, it’s delicious.”

Even Oniisama was eating with elegance but at an incredible speed.
It’s truly remarkable how gracefully he can drink the miso soup.

But really, both of them are so skilled with chopsticks.
Especially the Crown Prince, who must have only used chopsticks at our house, was deftly picking up the ingredients in the miso soup.

The Crown Prince noticed my gaze and grinned.

“I’ve gotten better with chopsticks since last time, haven’t I?”
“Yes, I’m impressed.”

As I honestly express my admiration, Oniisama chuckled softly.

“His Highness heard that my chopstick skills improved from eating Tea’s cooking, so he secretly practiced.”
“Hey, you didn’t have to say that!”
“I’m glad you could show off your progress.”
“Norman, just be quiet for a bit, okay?”
“Sure, sure.”

As I watched their exchange with a smile, I hear murmured conversation from beside me, “That’s good…”, “Yes, it’s nice…”
While it’s expected for Mariel-chan to stay on track, if even Ruby goes off course, we might not have enough straight men to handle it, right?
Though, whether I can be the straight man to the Sacred Beast Ruby is questionable…

Despite my concerns about how to handle the two of them in the future, dinner was lively and enjoyable.

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