Chapter 589.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I won’t allow it!
After dinner, I saw off Oniisama and Crown Prince Raymond after they quickly finished cleaning up and headed back to the boys’ dormitory.

After eating, both of them insisted on helping with the cleanup, saying “It’s okay, it’s okay”… But having the Crown Prince wash dishes, would I be charged with disrespect? Is it okay?
Being a Duke’s daughter who made the Crown Prince wash dishes and facing charges of disrespect sounds absurd, doesn’t it?

By the way, Crown Prince Raymond accidentally dropped and broke a plate, and he hastily offered to compensate with coins. It was difficult to refuse…
I just accepted his gesture of wanting to compensate and asked him to leave it at that.

The special dormitory’s tableware had been accidentally broken by the beginners, so we had ordered a large quantity of affordable mass-produced items from the Mayor Company, run by Mariel-chan’s father, which posed no problem.

The Sacred Beasts are dexterous, so they quickly got used to handling the tableware, but sometimes they accidentally crack or chipp them… And occasionally, they would scoop leftover side dishes into dishes and store them in the Magic Box or Inventory, so we switched to inexpensive ones that could be used without hesitation.

So, receiving a whole coin would be too much.
I told Oniisama to make sure Crown Prince Raymond doesn’t go on a spree and buy unnecessary things, so I believe it’ll be okay.

After seeing them off, as I headed towards my room, I found Ruby sitting on the staircase railing, waiting.

“Cristea, do you have a moment?”
“Ruby? Sure, but… let’s go to my room for a proper chat.”

As I said that and carried Ruby, I sensed an ominous presence from Kurogane and Mashiro who were behind me.

“For a mere Carbuncle to by held by my Lord…!”
“And in Cristea’s arms, that’s supposed to be me…!”


Oh dear, their possessiveness is still as strong as ever.

Just as I was about to reprimand them, Ruby’s large ears twitched, and in a cheerful tone, she said,

“Oh my? I sense intense jealousy from somewhere? Ufufu, it’s thrilling and fun.”

… I wish Mariel-chan could share some of Ruby’s strong heart with me to calm my nerves.

Back in my room, I asked Miria for some tea and sat on the sofa.

“So… what do you need to talk about without Mariel-san?”

I asked while offering vegetable sticks to Ruby and dorayaki to Kurogane and Mashiro.

“Ufufu, well, it’s not a big deal, but there’s something I wanted to tell you after that conversation earlier.”
“That conversation earlier…”
“It’s about you and Mariel being targeted.”

Tree… Tree… I just heard his name. Well, whatever, it’s about being targeted by Tree, right?
So, it’s about someone scheming to involve me, Mariel-chan, and others, right?
It seems that even though Mariel-chan is a daughter from a newly established noble family, there are some ignorant individuals who think they can make her their mistress, even if she was engaged to someone else.

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