Chapter 454.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Let’s got back to the dormitory.
“Kuh… no! I’m going with you! For sure!”

Ehhh… Prince Ray, do you want to skip work that much? You must have it hard, Oniisama…

“… Haah, it cannot be helped. To make up for it, I will have you do your best after classes today, alright?”

Oniisama replied reluctantly.
Oniisama, that’s too easy! You are too lenient!
Prince Ray will be the future King, so you have to be merciless!
If not, you will have it hard in the future!

“O, ou… alright! I’m looking forward to tomorrow!… I meant, look forward to it!”

Prince Ray waved his hand happily as he returned to his dormitory.
Geez, he’s so happy skipping work… Oniisama must be suffering a lot.
I’ll bring him some sweets next time as a token of my appreciation.

“Miss Cristea, let’s return to the dorm.”

Sei, who had seen off Oniisama and Prince Ray together with me, called out to me, and we returned to the dormitory.

After that, we all moved to the cafeteria to have lunch.
Teacher Neil didn’t return, so this time I brought out some Orc soup, egg rolls and mixed rice from my inventory and served it to everyone.

“Ohh! Orc soup is the best!”
“Indeed… this egg is also fluffy and soft, and the flavor is an elegant collection of flavors.”
“Umu, Lord’s cooking is a work of art.”
“Yeah, this mixed rice with many flavors is also yummy!”

As the gourmets continued to refill their plates, I noticed that Sei’s chopsticks weren’t moving.

“What is the matter, Sei? Do you have no appetite?”
“Ah, no… I’m worried about tomorrow’s aptitude examination. Stuff like the amount of magical power and attributes don’t ring a bell for me.”

Sei was not able to use magic to begin with, but it seems that he possesses some divine power, which is similar to the magical power of the Doristan Kingdom, but it was only after he received the blessings of the four divine beasts that he was able to actually use something like magic.

“As a child of a samurai family, I had been trained only in martial arts, and since there was no one in the town who could use divine power, I still don’t know how to use it. Moreover, if you are found to possess divine power, everyone is going to make you join the priesthood to become an apprentice priest…”


When Sei was a child, he was thought to be sickly because his divine power swelled up, and he had severe fevers.
He said that even then, he had to dress up as a girl.
That’s the kind of custom that existed even in my previous life.

“We don’t know if divine power is the same as magical power, so we will have to see what the results of tomorrow’s aptitude test will be…”

When Sei looked worried, Byakko-sama gulped down the last of his refilled Orc soup and spoke up.

“You don’t have to worry about that. You’re in the position of an exchange student. Besides, there have been other candidate for the position of the Emperor studying abroad in the past, so I’m sure the academy is aware of that.”
“Eh? In the past too?”

That’s the first time I’m hearing about this.

“Yeah, we followed the guy as his guards here. That’s when we met Kurogane and Mashiro’s parents.”

I see, that’s how he was able to introduce Kurogane and Mashiro to me.

“It was quite a long time ago since we met for the first time, no?”
“Indeed, how many generations ago was that Emperor from?”

They met that long ago?
Come to think of it, I’ve never heard the story of how the Sacred Beasts of the Doristan Kingdom and the Divine Beast of Yahatul met.
I’d like to ask Kurogane about that, but would he tell me?
Maybe it would be faster to ask Byakko-sama.

“Well, they had cases like this in the past, and they were accepted, so you don’t need to worry.”

Seeing the smirking Byakko-sama, Sei seemed to relax and laughed, saying, “Yeah, I guess so.”

Then we all started making preparations for the dinner and ate together after Teacher Neil came back exhausted.

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