Chapter 454.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Let’s go back to the dormitory.
After His Majesty and Lily-sama left for the palace, the rest of us were urged by the Headmaster to go for lunch.

“Erm… We will be heading to the salon building where our dorm’s cafeteria is located, but Cristea and Sei were going back to the special dorm, right?”

Oniisama asked me a question while escorting me.

“Yes, we were told not to have any contact with other students for now, so we will be having a meal at our dormitory. Come to think of it, I wonder what is going to happen after the entrance ceremony…”

Teacher Neil didn’t specifically tell us to eat with other students in the future, so we will probably just stay like this.
Well, I can eat what I want that way, so it’s easier that way for me.
But there’s also the disadvantage of not interacting with other students.
I guess my plan to make a lot of friends has already hit a rock… Uggh.
… Huh? Speaking of Teacher Neil, I didn’t see him during the ceremony… I wonder where he was.

“By the way, I didn’t see Teacher Neil there, do you know where he is…?”

Yes, Holy Beast-sama, whom Teacher Neil admires so much, was in the academy, but what he wasn’t around at all, so what does that mean?
Prince Ray answered my question.

“Ahh… Teacher Neal had left the auditorium before you arrived, Miss Cristea. The other teachers had sent him away to look around the academy until he calmed down the Magic beast he was carrying because it was making too much noise and would disturb the ceremony.”
“I, is that so…”

That monkey was probably with him. So Leon-sama was here, and when the monkey got frightened and made a scene, he was kicked out… Teacher Neil, you are so unlucky.

At this rate, he may never get to meet Leon-sama… haha.


After that, Sei and we were given a ride to the special dormitory by Oniisama and His Highness.
They had lunch in the cafeteria and then headed to class in the afternoon.
We, the new students, were told to rest and prepare for tomorrow’s aptitude test.
The aptitude test is said to be a written test to examine the amount of magical power and attributes, and to diagnose academic abilities.
Isn’t that something you have to do before entering a school? I thought so, but I heard that all you need is a letter of recommendation to be admitted.
I heard that nobles are fine as long as they have their parents’ application because many of them have high magical power to begin with, and commoners can qualify for admission if they have the recommendation of the church or a lord, and after entering the school, they will be examined for their aptitude and recommended a career path that suits them.
Basically, both nobles and commoners are required to acquire basic academic skills first, and then choose a subject to specialize in.
Nobles choose the nobility course to learn how to socialize or the knighthood course to become a knight, while commoners often go on to the apothecary course or the magic tools course to get a job, or the housekeeping course to become a butler or a maid.
I’ve heard that even among commoners, there are children who pick the knighthood course if they are skilled in swordsmanship too, but unlike nobles, there are many difficulties they have to face.
The exam to decide such a career path will be held tomorrow.
I’ve had a tutor since before I entered the academy, and he’s assured me that I’ll be able to solve any exam without any problems, so I should be fine.
As a person who had survived the examination wars in my previous life, I’m not afraid of the exams that children would take. Ha. Ha. Ha.
I’m more nervous about the fact that I’ll be taking the exam tomorrow with the other students…
As I was seeing off my Oniisama in front of the entrance of the dormitory, Oniisama turned around as if he remembered something.

“Speaking of which, since Tea and Sei haven’t been out of the dormitory until now, you probably haven’t been briefed on the campus. I’ll give you a tour of the academy tomorrow after the exam, so don’t go out until then.”
“Eh?… O, okay. Thank you very much.”

I see, the other students have already been shown around the academy. That’s nice.
Well, at today’s entrance ceremony, it became known that Sei and I are Sacred Beast contractors, and I don’t want to get entangled in trouble, so I’m not going to go out on the street on my own…

“I, I will guide you around, too! Leave it to me!”

Eh, Prince Ray too?? Can I decline because you would make us stand out too much??

“… Your Highness, you will be busy with student council work, so I’ll be fine on my own.”

Oniisama grinned.
… His smile was a bit scary. Prince Ray flinched a little.

“Y, you are busy as much as I am, no??”
“I’m busy because I have to support you, okay? Please work that harder since I won’t be there to help you, Your Highness.”

Wow~… Oniisama is powerful.

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