Chapter 453.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Is this alright…?
Ooooooy?? Kurogane, Mashiro!
That’s disrespectful! That would be lèse-majesté!

(No, that’s not a problem, right? Things like lèse-majesté are irrelevant to Sacred Beasts.)

Hoh, I’m glad to hear th… no, that’s not good!

“Umm, I apolo…”

When I hurriedly tried to stop the two, Kurogane got the better of me.

“However, I am willing to respect and protect those whom the Lord values and respects. Of course, the first priority will always be our Lord’s safety.”
“I can protect others while protecting Cristea. But I don’t care about those who try to bully her.”
“Kurogane, Mashiro…”

As I watched the two of them speak firmly to His Majesty, His Majesty chuckled.

“While you are protecting her, huh. That’s only natural, since it’s the primary duty of Sacred Beasts to protect their contractors. If you could protect us as well, that would be great. I look forward to working with you.”

His Majesty stood up and walked over to us and held out his hand.
Kurogane saw it and raised his hand to shake it.
He then shook his hand with Mashiro.
Eh… did we perhaps just get a pass…? I guess?
Then, His Majesty turned to Sei.

“Please let us meet the Sacred Beasts you contracted as well.”


Right~! I thought so~!
Eh, are you going to call Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama over here?
Are all Sacred Beasts going to be in this room?
… Somehow, I’m afraid of what will happen, though?
As I was feeling anxiety over the outcome, Sei closed his eyes for a moment, and then he opened them as he looked at His Majesty and bowed his head.

“… I got too nervous in your presence, thus I’m unable to summon them. I’m truly sorry for my incompetence.”
“… I see. That’s unfortunate, let us meet them another day then.”

… Huh? Is His Majesty someone who gives up that easily…?
I, I see. So there was a trick like this!
Uguuh, Sei, you are so smart! Is what I thought, but it was too late for me.
I mean, Kurogane and Mashiro appeared before I even called for them…
Then His Majesty left the headmaster’s office with Lily-sama, saying that he still had official business to attend to.
As they left the room, Lily turned around and waved at me, saying, “Christa-chan, please come to my tea party again with Madam Ellisfeed. Good luck, Raymond~!” She left in a good mood.

“Damn you, Mother…”

Prince Ray seemed to be mumbling something in a low voice, but I couldn’t quite hear it.

“… Geez. As long as you guys are alright with this. Then, laters.”

Leon-sama shook his head and stood up, waving his head as he lazily followed after the two Majesties.

“”Don’t come again!””

Kurogane and Mashiro shouted at Leon-sama’s back, but Leon-sama just smirked.

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