Chapter 453.1

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Is this alright…?
(Are you stupid or what, I’m the Sacred Beast governing this country, ya know? I’m much more important than the King, okay? I will have you know that I even changed this fellow’s diapers.)

No, I don’t think diapers have anything to do with this.
Leon-sama, please don’t expose the diaper story that is probably black history for him while eating sweets with a smug look on your face for the sake of His Majesty’s honor.
… Or rather… this was telepathy, right??
It’s a good thing I couldn’t think of a way to react and kept quiet, but what if I had mentioned the diaper story out loud!?

(Leon-sama, please stop reading people’s minds. And also, please don’t use telepathy out of nowhere, it startled me!)
(Oh? Sorry, sorry. I don’t usually use telepathy with people who are not my contractors because it would surprise them, but I figured you wouldn’t have a problem with it.)

Don’t just figure it, geez!
But it’s a fact he was protecting me.
I cannot waste Leon-sama’s kindness.
I clasped my hands tightly.

“… As a citizen of the Doristan Kingdom, I want to do what I can to help. However, I don’t want to take advantage my Sacred Beasts just because they are under contract with me.”

I made firm eye contact with His Majesty, who was looking at me with a serious face, and continued.

“… I understand that this is selfish of me. However, the reason I made a contract with them was not to use them. Now that I have made a contract with them, I want to be there for them and also do my best to protect them.”
“You want to protect them?”
“Yes. I am well aware that there is only so much I can do. But if I can protect them from people’s intentions, I want to protect do my best for them.”

His Majesty looks at me with amusement.
Is… is this alright? Isn’t this a crime of disrespect, after all?

“Well, she’s quite a determined young lady. She’s Stewart’s and Anrietta’s daughter, indeed. What do you say, Lily?”

His Majesty started chuckling to himself, so I was taken aback.
Eh, umm? D, determined, he said…

“I told you, didn’t I? That Cristea-chan is a good girl.”

Lily-sama replied to His Majesty with a smug face, but what is this about?

(You are such a fool… you should have just kept shut and let me protect you, ahhh~ Now he’s totally interested in you.)

Hah? Eh? Interested? His Majesty is??

(I don’t like this…)
(Yeah, unpleasant.)

Eh?? Kurogane?? Mashiro??
They heard Leon-sama’s telepathy??
While I was flustered, Kurogane and Mashiro stepped forward imposingly.

“My Lord is kindhearted, and will do everything in her power to protect us, even the strong, us. I will not allow anyone to take advantage of her desire.”
“I won’t forgive anyone who makes Cristea cry.”

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