Chapter 452

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Eh? Summon them?
Call Kurogane and Mashiro here…
As I was at a loss, Leon-sama picked up a piece of candy from the table and spoke up.

“Well, ain’t that fine? It’s not like you can’t prevent anyone to see them from now on anyway, right? Go ahead and call them.”

Leon-sama took a bite out of the candy, chewing it and watching us with a grin on his face.
Kuh… this person…!
Even though I thought that Leon-sama who was covering for me was so cool!

… But well, I can think of it as a chance.
If Kurogane and Mashiro don’t show any hostile intentions towards Leon-sama and the royal family here, it would be a good way to show that they’re not a threat to Doristan Kingdom, right? Isn’t that right!? I’m brilliant!
Alright, with that being decided…

“You called?”
“Cristea called?”

I haven’t called you yet! I was thinking about it though! Haven’t you apperead too quickly??
For some reason, I’m thinking these two appeared too fast. Have they been waiting!? What for!? Are they stalkers?
… It’s painful because I can’t deny.

(Lord, we are always prepared to rush to your side. With another Sacred Beasts in your vicinity, we are always ready to get to you as soon as possible.)

Kurogane spoke to the confused me via telepathy.
Eh, is that so?
Well, they are basically jealous…

(Just waiting for you to call us over was difficult, the truth is I want to be by your side at all times, you know?)

I, isn’t that a bit too heavy…?? You can’t always cling to me now that I started my school life, okay?

(You two, make sure to get along with Leon-sama. You cannot be belligerent, okay?)
(Muh… It can’t be helped, I will do my best depending on the Lion’s attitude.)
(Muuh… I will endure for Cristea.)

In truth, they were jealous as ever, weren’t they?
I thought things had gotten a little better since I’ve been living in the same dormitory with Byakko-sama and the others, but I feel like they are overreacting when it comes to Leon-sama.

“Myyy, so they are Cristea-chan’s contracted Sacred Beasts? They can take on human form just like Leon-sama I see, how wonderful!”

Lily-sama suddenly showed innocent delight at the two who appeared out of nowhere.

“Y, yes. They are Kurogane and Mashiro.”

Lily-sama and His Majesty didn’t seem surprised that the two of them suddenly warped in, as if they were used to it from Leon-sama.
Oniisama, Prince Ray, and the Headmaster seemed a little surprised by the sudden appearance of the two, but quickly returned to a calm expression. As expected of them.
His Majesty was standing next to Lily-sama, looking at the two with a friendly smile, but I get the feeling that he was observing us…
This is why Father is so hard on him, he’s not as simple as he seems.


“Mhm… Miss Cristea, Leon might have said that, but as a citizen of the Doristan Kingdom, will you lend us your power?

So you’re saying that you want my help, and in case of emergency, you want me to send Kurogane and Mashiro to war?
We’ve managed to keep this a secret all this time because I didn’t want them to do that, but that doesn’t make any sense!

“Well, thanks to the Sacred Beast Leon, our country is not threatened by any other country, and we are at peace. Therefore, there is nothing for Miss Cristea to worry about. In fact, by letting people know that we have more Sacred Beast contractors, our country’s peace will become even more solid.”

His Majesty said this with a smile on his face, but doesn’t that mean that if anything happens, he is going to make use of them?
Kurogane and Mashiro always say they’ll fight for me if the need arises, but if I answer, “Of course! I’ll do my best for your country!” here, it would mean that I agreed to it…
When I was at a loss for an answer, Leon-sama banged the table.

“Hey! I told you she’s just a kid! Stop trying to make use of a kid who hasn’t made up any resolve! I’m not going to allow you to do something as stupid as accepting a vow from a kid!”

Hieeh… what a coercion!
In a complete change from his usual flirtatious appearance, I felt a tremendous aura from Leon-sama, and I almost lost power in my knees.
Oniisama and Mashiro, who were standing beside me, quickly supported me, and Kurogane quickly stood in front of us.
The air in the Headmaster’s office seemed to freeze, and Lily-sama sighed… and rubbed His Majesty’s upper arm.

“Dear. You are at fault this time. No matter whether she’s a daughter from a noble family, it’s mean to force a young girl who just entered the academy to make up a resolve about something like this. You should apologize to Cristea-chan.”

Lily-sama told His Majesty.
Eh? Lily-sama, is it okay for you to say something like this to His Majesty??

“… Yeah. Sorry, Miss Cristea. However, you have to understand that I’m asking you this for the peace of our country.”

His Majesty followed Lily-sama’s advice and bowed his head.
Hieeeeh! I made His Majesty bow his head to meeee?? Isn’t this baaad??

“N, no! I understand your feelings very well! So, please raise your head??”

Seeing me so panicked, Leon-sama looked at me, disgruntled.

“You know, I’m being angry for your sake, so don’t forgive him so easily, alright?”

No, that’s impossible, okay?? I mean, he’s the King, you know? The most important person in the country, alright??

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