Chapter 451.2

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Called… over!?
“Yo~o. good work. Congratulations on your enrollment!”

… He was inside.
Leon-sama sat down on the sofa and waved his hands in the air while dressed up as a Royal Guard.
Nono, there’s no such thing as a Royal Guard who looks more important than royalty itself.
Lily-sama was smiling bitterly, though…
Prince Ray stepped forward and bowed.
“Father, I’ve brought two Sacred Beast contractors with me, as you requested.”
“Umu, good job… now then, it’s been a while since the New Year’s, Miss Cristea. Also, Shiki… Shiima-kun was it? Congratulations on your enrollment. This is the first time I’ve spoken to you both like this.”

His Majesty called out to me, and in a flash, I gave a lady’s curtsy. Sei also straightened his posture and bowed.

“Thank you very much for attending the entrance ceremony. We apologize for making you wait…”
“Oh, you don’t have to be so formal. This meeting is not official, after all.”
“O… okay.”
“Cristea-chan, congratulations on your enrollment. Ufufu, I was surprised to hear that you were a Sacred Beast contractor.”

Lily-sama congratulated me with a smile. C, Cristea-chan, she said… she really intends to keep it informal, huh.

“Thank you very much… umm, I’m very sorry for the delay in informing you about the contracts…”
“Ah, I told you not to mind it. It was me who stopped the report, after all.”

Leon-sama stopped me when I tried to apologize.

“That’s right~ Leon-sama told everyone to shut up until the nobles found out, because if there were any more Sacred Beast contractors, they would get annoyingly noisy and cause trouble. It was difficult for everyone, right? I’m sure the Duke was furious when he found out that you’ve been ordering Christea-chan around, though.”
“Ahn? We are talking about that overly doting father, I’m sure he was delighted to keep silent.”
“AAhh… It’s Steward, so it’s highly likely.”
“Eh, umm…”


What is this about? Leon-sama told everyone to shut up?
When I looked towards him, Leon-sama grinned.
… I guess I should leave it at that?
When I look at the Headmaster and His Majesty, they didn’t seem to have been doubting Leon-sama’s instructions.

“When you make a contract with a Sacred Beast, you’re not really obligated to report it to the country, right? I’m bound by a pact with the first king to sign a contract with the Royal family, but that has nothing to do with the other Sacred Beasts. I’m not going to use myself as an example to bind all the Sacred Beasts to the country. If I let those guys deal with these hard-headed old men, they will snap real quick.”

Leon-sama put down his long crossed legs, sat back down and looked at His Majesty and the Headmaster.

“If the contractor themselves is ambitious, it would be a good idea to incorporate them into the country. But these guys are still young, and forcing them to do something until they can make their own decisions is something that I, as well as the Sacred Beasts they are contracted with, will not allow.”

Leon-sama …… have you come to my rescue?

“I know. Miss Cristea, and Shiki… Shiima, too are still young. I swear I won’t do anything to destroy your future prospects. Headmsater, please be a good guide for them during their enrollment.”
“Of course. I will guide them, so they make the best choices for their future.”
“I will leave them in your care. By the way, where might be the guardians of yours be right now?”
“Right, since we are here, we might as well greet them.”

The serious mood suddenly changed with His Majesty and Lily-sama looking at us with excited and expectant eyes… What, they want to greet Kurogane and Mashiro? I have a bad feeling about this!?

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