Chapter 451.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Called… over!?
After the orientation that followed after the entrance ceremony ended, it was time for lunch.
The new students followed the guidance of their seniors and left the auditorium for the cafeteria.
As for those of us who didn’t use the same cafeteria as everyone else…

“Cristea, you did well. You too, Sei.”
“You did a great job. Congratulations on your enrollment again.”

Oniisama and Prince Ray who remained in the auditorium came over to us.
Ugh, the gazes of those students who were still in the auditorium were painful.
The two are very popular, after all… they will attract attention in a strange way…

“T, thank you very much…”
“Although it’s time for lunch now, do you have some time to spare?”

Is there still anything else going on?
Oh, that reminds me, Oniisama couldn’t help with the preparations because he went to pick us up. Maybe he wants us to wait for a little while because he has to take care of some things first? It cannot be helped then. Let’s wa…

“The two Majesties are waiting for you in the Headmaster’s office.”
“Uh?… Pardon?”

What did you say?
His Majesty and Her Majesty… Lily-sama is? Eh? They didn’t return to the palace?

“They want to talk a little with you. Well, His Majesty is quite a busy person, so let’s hurry over.”
“Eh? Umm, right now?”

Seriously? Something like an audience with His Majesty, I would like to avoid it at all cost, though!?


“The truth is, they wanted you to come to the Royal Palace, but the Headmaster stopped them from doing so. His Majesty then said he would attend the entrance ceremony instead.”
“We suddenly got a notice of sudden appearance of the guest of honor, so it was quite difficult changing the program.”

W, well, I’m sorry for the trouble I’ve caused you…

“Well, there’s not much time. Let’s hurry.”

… Oniisama, you can tell me such things on the move, but please tell me in advance!
What about my mental preparations…!?
I was escorted by my Oniisama to the Headmaster’s office with heavy footsteps.

When we arrived at the Headmaster’s office with His Highness the Crown Prince leading the way, Pamela-san, the secretary, was already waiting at the door.
No, it wasn’t just Pamela-san, there were also Royal Guards on both sides of the door, watching the surroundings. They were on high alert.
When Pamela-san saw us, she reported to the guards and entered the room after knocking on the door.

“Headmaster, His Highness and the guests have arrived. May I let them in?”

Pamela-san opened the door, then stepped aside and motioned for us to enter.
As we proceeded, with Prince Ray leading the way, the Royal Guards saluted and let us pass.
… Huh? There were two Royal Guards and neither of them was Leon-sama?

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