Chapter 450.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Now, going in!
“I knew it, the rumors were…”
“So that means, the one from the rumors is…”

I heard a few voices like this. At the same time, I felt heavy gazes from behind me… hieh…

“Quiet! And, joyously, two Sacred Beast contractors are new students at our Adelia Academy.”

Whoah…! Such cheers rose up. Hieeh… Am I going to be introduced in this excitement!?

“Please, the two Sacred Beast contactors, come up on the stage.”

Uwaah… as I thought. I have to get on the stage in this atmosphere… I, I don’t want to goo…!

“… Yes.”

Sei replied vigorously and stood up from his seat, and I stood up as well after making up a resolve.
At that moment, the whole hall went silent!… Ugh … the stares in the hall hurt…!
I followed Sei to the stage and stood in the center of the room as the Headmaster called us.

“Let me introduce them. These are the new Sacred Beast contractors, the foreign exchange student, Sei Shikishima-kun and Miss Cristea Ellisfeed.”

As the Headmaster introduced us, I bowed with Sei and the audience applauded loudly.
While I was surprised by the volume of applause, the Headmaster stepped back and His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen… Lily-sama, stood up and took his place.
As soon as His Majesty raised his hand, everyone in the hall quieted down and stood up, and His Majesty’s speech began.


“The history of our country began with the Founding King and his Sacred Beast Leon, as all citizens of our country know. Since then, we have cherished the Sacred Beasts and their contractors as our national treasures. And this will never change. Now that they have become contractors of the Sacred Beasts, I would like them to use their power for the development of our country. The overseas student, Shikishima-kun, may eventually return to his country, but I hope that we can build a friendly relationship afterwards.”

His Majesty smiled at us as he said this. Lily-sama, who was stood behind him, also smiled softly.

“The Sacred Beasts and their contractors are the treasure of the nation, and you, the people, are also a treasure to me. I hope that you will all respect each other and help to make this country a better place. That’s all from me.”

His Majesty shook hands with us and returned to his seat. Soon after, the Headmaster stepped forward.

“… In the past, there has been a history of Sacred Beast contractors and Magic Beast contractors at our school, most of whom were on good terms with the academy, but there were some fools who tried to take their place… It’s not hard to imagine how some of them ended up.”

There was a momentary stir in the hall, but it soon became quiet again.

“These Sacred Beast contractors are still young and new in life. I hope that the seniors will guide them in the right direction, and you, the new students who will be their peers, will be good friends and study hard every day. Now, please return to your seats.”

Following the Headmaster’s words, we got off the stage and took our seats at the same time as everyone else sat back in their chairs.
Phew… I managed to get through this without incident.
The ceremony ended without a hitch as the schedule for the coming days was explained.
As we watched from our seats as the guests of honor, His Majesty and the Headmaster of the academy left, Leon-sama smiled at us as he walked past.
Wh, what was that… I can’t help but feel uneasy that it ended so peacefully, you know!?

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