Chapter 450.1

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Now, going in!
When we entered the auditorium, the students seemed to be already seated and waiting for the ceremony to begin.
One of the students noticed that we had entered and began to glance at us and whisper.

“Hey, look… is that perhaps…”
“Being escorted by Norman-sama, how envious.”
“Who is that male student? He looks like a foreigner…”

I could hear them talking about us even without improving my hearing by strengthening my body via magic..
Well, of course… the Crown Prince in the lead, followed by a foreigner with unfamiliar appearances Sei, with me being escorted by Oniisama in the back. Of course you would question what is going on. It reminds me of a New Year’s exchange party…
I remember that time when the children of the nobility kept me at a distance.
And after that, I got lost on the way back from picking flowers and went home without interacting with them… Ah, my dark history.
But on the way home, Mariele-chan picked up my ribbon and said hello to me, and we became friends!
As I proceeded to reminisce about my encounter with Mariele-chan, I spotted her among the seated students.
Mariele-chan lip-synced, “Cristea-san!” and waved her hand with a smile.
If I waved back, Mariele-chan might attract strange attention, so I only smiled back at her.
…… Nn?
The surroundings got noisy, but why? What’s going on?

“Cristea, look ahead.”
“Ah, yes…”

As I was restlessly looking around, I was warned by my Oniisama.
Not good, not good. I have to act like a lady.
Even though there were no parents present at the entrance ceremony, if my Okaasama found out, she would scold me.

“You two sit here. Follow the instructions when your names got called.”

After we were seated, Oniisama and His Highness took the seats prepared alongside the wall.
Some students approached Oniisama and His Highness, and after confirming something with them, they hurried away.
I wonder if they were the students in charge while Oniisama was away…?


“Quiet! The entrance ceremony will now begin.”

As soon as the voice was heard from the loudspeaker, the noise in the surroundings stopped and the auditorium was enveloped in silence.
Then, the door near the stage of the auditorium opened and the Headmaster came in.
Following him, escorted by knights, was…
TH, His Majesty and Lily-sama!? Moreover… even Leon-sama!?
Eh, what is this about!? No, the two Majesties were the guests of honor… but even Leon-sama!?… Huh, looking closely, you can see that Leon-sama was wearing the same attire as the knights guards… which means he’s in disguise!?

As I was looking at him in confusion, Leon-sama discovered me and winked at me.
No, no it’s not right for His Majesty’s knight guard to wink at a student, right!? Too flashy!
Ah… Prince Ray and Oniisama were dumbfounded too… so it means it hasn’t been decided from the beginning for him to appear.
Nono, I don’t need a surprise like this! Leon-sama!?
The entrance ceremony began solemnly, regardless of my nervousness.
The ceremony proceeded in a manner similar to the entrance ceremonies that were common in my previous life, and that time came just as the ceremony was coming to an end.

“… And finally, an announcement. A new Sacred Beast contractor appeared in our country.”

With that one sentence, the surroundings were abuzz.

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