Chapter 536.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Time for the practice.
I heard that five groups, including ours, would be participating in today’s harvesting, and accordingly, the supervisors and escorts were waiting at the meeting place.

“Well then, we are going to warp to the harvesting forest! Have you double-checked your equipment?”

Beside the teacher of the Knight department, who was shouting loudly, the supervisors and escorts were assigned to each group.
Eh? That one over there is…

“Yo, Tea.”

It was my brother who came to our group.

“Why are you here…?”
“I ran for the position of supervisor. His Highness also wanted to come as an escort, but he was rejected because he would need to bring more guards with him.”

… That’s right, of course.
What was His Highness thinking?
He’s probably the person who needs to be escorted the most in this academy.

“It appears he wanted to see how good you are in person… even though it’s obvious that you are excellent. No matter, I can be your escort, no?”

No? He tilted his head and asked…
I wish you would stop asking me questions that I am at a loss to answer, Oniisama.
Mariel-chan, can you stop watching from afar with a lukewarm smile on your face?

“Norman, can you stop flirting with your little sister and introduce us?”

A tall male student equipped with leather armor peeked out from behind Oniisama.
Ueh!? F, flirting, where!?

“Hector, could you stop talking nonsense? Geez… this is my little sister, Cristea. Cristea, this is my classmate, Hector Colbeck. He’s the third son of Count Colbeck, and he’s expected to join the Knights Order next year. You can be assured by his skills as an escort.”
“Nice to meet you, I am Cristea. I will be in your care today.”

When I greeted him with a light ladylike bow, Hector looked at me with a curious look.

“Ou, best regards! You can call me Hector. I’m glad to see you because Norman always brags about you, but I did not have the chance to meet you in person for a long time, so I’m happy to finally meet you… Still, you are so tiny! Are you eating well?”

Hector said, laughing cheerfully and patting me on the head.
… I know he thinks I’m small because he’s a head taller than Oniisama, but I have a bit of a complex about that, so I would like him to leave it alone and not mention it again!
I’m eating well, but I’m not growing!
I can’t help it, okay!?
It’s rude to treat a lady like a little girl!


“Hector Nii! Is Hector Nii escorting us!?”

Adry-sama ran over happily.

“Oh, it’s Adry. Best regards today.”

Hector-sama patted Adry-sama’s head.
Adry-sama let out, “Stop it~!” but he seemed to be enjoying it.
Looking at the way he was patting his head, it seemed that he was being considerate when he patted me on the head.

“Adry-sama, do you know each other?”
“Ah! Hector Nii used to come to our house for sword training. He used to hang out with me afterward.”

Right! He smiled at Hector-sama as he spoke.
I see, so they are childhood friends, or rather Hector-sama is the big bro from the neighborhood?

“Fuohh… a dark horse appeared…? No, I guess he’s more of a stallion ready to gallop…!?”

The mumbling I heard behind me…
Mariel-chan was staring at them with moistened eyes.

“… That lady over there is?”

Hector-sama looked at Mariel-chan.
Ah, crap. Did he sense that Mariel-chan was looking at them with BL eyes!?

“Um, umm! She is my best friend and a member of the same group, Mariel Mayor-sama.”

When I lined up next to Mariel-chan and introduced them, Hector-sama remained staring at her.
Hector-sama! Mariel-chan just likes to fantasize about rottenness from the mob’s point of view a little, but she is a perfectly normal… normal child? Yes, she’s just a normal girl!
She is by no means… supposed to be suspicious!
She is not suspicious! I think!

“… Miss Mariel… how lovely.”
“… Fah!?”

… Eh? What did Hector-sama say just now!?

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