Chapter 536.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Time for the practice.
A few days after dividing into groups, the day of the harvesting practice finally arrived.

The reason why it was a few days later is because a grace period was given for students who had not fully prepared their equipment.

Although there is a shop at the academy where the equipment can be bought, not all students buy the equipment and tools from there.
Although the quality was not bad, the nobles were not satisfied with the so-called mass-produced goods. The commoner students, in order to reduce unnecessary expenses as much as possible, scrambled to get cheap supplies from the seniors who were scheduled to graduate soon that were not expected to be employed in this field.
The merchant children seemed to have rationalized that “It’s fine if it’s mass-produced as long as it’s of good quality, than having the shop run out of stock and not be able to get it” and quickly put together equipment.

Mariel-chan did not seem to be particular about the tools to use for harvesting.

She had purchased a “Harvesting beginner’s set”.

“Cristea-san’s is custom made, right?”
“Yes. When I started harvesting in the forests in our fief, Otousama’s acquaintance, a Dwarf uncle, made me a complete set.”

If people knew it was made by Master Galvano, they would swarm me and say, “I’ll pay whatever you want for it.” But the person who received it (me), said, “Wow, it’s so sharp! The sharpness is amazing! Ah, please make me a small knife next time!” As that was the only thing I thought at that time.

“Heeh… that’s incredible… eh, don’t you have too little things with you, Cristea-san?”

We were about to leave the dormitory, and she was doubtful because I was so lightly dressed.
Since my usual uniform was not suitable for harvesting, I was wearing a short overskirt over pants instead of leggings, a simple shirt and vest without the usual fancy attached sleeves, and a short robe over that.
As for hand luggage, I only wore a small pouch containing my collection tools on my right hip and a slightly larger waist bag behind my waist.

“Eh, ahh… I have a note of the herbs we’ll be harvesting today and harvesting jute bags in my waist bag, so I figured I could put the rest in my inventory.”


One of the several jute bags is a knapsack-type bag that can be carried on my back by tightening the opening, so I can carry it on my back on the way back.

“I see! Once we’ve harvested the necessary amount, we can put everything else in our inventory.”

We can’t use the inventory openly because we have supervisors, but I’m planning to collect herbs for cooking in addition to the ones I will use for the class, so I’m planning to secretly store those in my inventory, giving top priority to freshness.

“Oh, that’s right! I just remembered something I have in the inventory. Here is your lunch boxes.”

I handed Mariel-chan and Sei the lunch boxes I took out of the inventory.

“Wow, thank you so much!”
“Ah… thank you.”

It was two slightly larger rice balls, an egg omelet and fried chicken wrapped in a large sterilizing leaf.
The residents from other dorms supposedly have bread, cheese, and other easy-to-carry items, but since we don’t have any for ourselves in the Special dorm, I kept a few pieces of fried chicken on the side from the meal we made the day before, and made the egg rolls and rice balls this morning.

“I really wanted to keep it in my inventory, so it doesn’t get cold and soggy, but there are other people here, so…”
“Right~ I’m sure lunchtime will come soon! Ufufu, I’m looking forward it~”

Mariel-chan said and put her lunch box in her longish bag with a smile on her face.

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