Chapter 535.2

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Dividing into groups.
A few days after the results of the written exam.
The successful examinees were to go for the harvesting practice.
If the results of the written test were too bad, the harvesting itself would be dangerous, so the students who had failed will have to take the test again and pass it to be allowed to go, since if they gathered all at once in the shallow part of the forest, the medicinal herbs might be uprooted by children who did not know how to handle them.
The forest where we collect herbs in the academy is covered with a recovery magic circle, so I heard that the herbs will recover to some extent after some time has passed, but if they are uprooted, it will be impossible for them to recover.
For this reason, the students were divided into several groups for the practical harvesting and paired up with a senior student in the magic department as a supervisor and a student in the knight department who has been accepted into the Knights Order as an escort during the first week.
After receiving such an explanation, we were actually assigned to a group.
Us, the students from the Special dormitory, were assigned to the same group because it would be difficult to escort us if we were separated.
I’m happy that they are concerned with our safety, but I think that with Kurogane and the others, we don’t really need an escort…
That’s what I thought, and when I talked to Master Marlen about it, he gave me a sullen look.

“Mmm, it would certainly be safer for you to bring the Sacred Beasts with you, but… The knight in training students are also practicing as guards, and it would be a distraction to the other students. Could they do their best to keep out of sight and sound?”

Having been told that, I would be too awkward forcing them to go with us.
If it comes down to it, I have barrier magic and teleport magic, so I’m sure we can manage since we can also summon them via telepathy.
I wanted them to actually see the results of what I had learned from everyone, but I’ll ask them to stay at home. That’s too bad.
The other members who were in the same group were Adry-sama and Alicia-sama.
Since Adry-sama was just barely able to pass the written exam, we thought we could support him since we had a good score.
As for Alicia-sama, her friends were not able to pass the written exam, and since the other group was made up of only male students, she was assigned to our group, which had more female students, because it would be less mentally demanding for her.

“Yo! I’m glad we’re in the same group! Please teach me lots along the way!”

Adry-sama put his hand on Sei’s shoulder, and tightly hugged him.

“Let go of me. Have you not memorized the herbs properly?”
“Ah~… Sometimes, I can’t quite tell the difference~ But it’s alright! Everyone told me that I would remember them when I actually see them!”

Apparently, Adry-sama’s father and brother gave him some advice…
Hmm, I suspect that Adry-sama’s family also has a hint of muscles in their brains…

“Fuohh… what a sight…”


Mariel-chan, you are covering your mouth with a notebook, but I, the neighbor, can see your loose mouth, can’t I? You should be more careful.
Just as I was about to warn Mariel-chan, I saw Alicia-sama looking at me out of the corner of my eye.
Since we were now in the same group, I thought it would be a good idea to say hello to her.
I turned my gaze in Alicia-sama’s direction, and our eyes met.


Alicia-sama didn’t expect our eyes to meet, and she looked frightened for a moment before turning away in a huff while twirling her rolls.
Oh no, she avoided me.
Ugh, it’s hard to talk to someone when they are so blatantly avoiding you…

“… Good grief, that Alie. Sorry about her. I will talk to her later.”

Adry-sama looked at Alicia-sama, who was not looking at us, with an expression that said, “She’s helpless.”
I don’t want Adry-sama to get involved in this because I have a feeling things might get even more complicated…

“Rather than that, have you prepared all the necessary gear? I got my Aniki’s hand-me-downs!”

Adry-sama changed the subject about the preparation for the practical training.
Adry-sama, who is a Big brother’s boy, told us that he went out of his way to beg for his big brother’s hand-me-downs.
I felt my heart warmed, while Mariel-chan was smiling at the preciousness of the brotherly love.

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