Chapter 535.1

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Dividing into groups.
For a while, the Magic Studies class continued with a course to increase knowledge of medicinal herbs.
The students were drilled on the characteristics of leaves, their efficacy, poisonous plants that are easy to mistake for herbs, and what to look out for when collecting them.
To be honest, I wondered if they were really going to cram this much into children’s brains.
However, since herbs could be used to save lives in deadly situations, the instructions had to be very strict…
I was impressed that the children of commoners and merchants who were taking notes and working seriously as if it was a business opportunity.
The children of the nobles had been tutored before they entered the academy, so they had already learned a certain amount of things, and it seemed like they were just trying to keep up with the application content for the written exam…
As for me, I seriously studied to see if there were any unknown herbs or spices that I could use in my cooking.
I have to make sure to not mistake poisonous plants and mushrooms when gathering ingredients in the future.
Especially mushrooms. As was the case in my previous life, you can’t always tell what’s poisonous by looking at it!

“Ugh… I don’t want to see any more herbs for a while…”

Mariel-chan seemed to be paying the price for not getting a tutor before entering the academy, and she was pretty worn out from all the things she had to learn.

“… Miss Mariel. We’re just getting started, you know? After the written exam, it’s time for the collection exercise.”

Sei, looking at Mariel-chan walking unsteadily, smiled wryly and interjected.

“Ugh… but the jaggedness of the leaves and the different hues on the underside are all too tricky to recognize…”
“Certainly. I’m worried that I can’t remember them all as well…”

I know how you feel.
When I first started collecting, Kurogane and Mashiro had to stop me many times from picking weeds and poisonous plants.
But strangely enough, after collecting them so many times, I became able to tell them apart just by looking at them.
I thought maybe I acquired a Search skill.
I was delighted to remember the nostalgia when I went to pick wild vegetables and bamboo shoots with my Jiichan and Baachan in my past life.
It was just as my Jiichan used to say, “Your eyes will get used to it.”
I can tell from the soil and the surrounding environment what is what by intuition.
It’s the so-called “Skill Mastery” you get from experience.
So, Mariel-chan, if you actually start collecting, you will be able to tell the difference, I think.
… I hope.

…… So after lessons, all of the Sacred Beasts became teachers for Mariel-chan and Sei, and we reviewed the samples we had on hand and the actual samples I had collected before.
Thanks to that, all three of us passed the written exam with high scores. Ahem.

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