Chapter 534.3

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It’s finally completed!?
“First one’s done! I’m going to grill one after another.”

The sauce dripping from the edges made a sound as it grilled and released a savory smell.
Ugh~ this is it! I’ve been waiting for this!
The fluffy, shimmering, dancing flakes, of the topped dried bonito flakes in a generous amount, whetted my appetite even more.
When I cut it into radial slices like a cake for easy portioning, everyone reached for their chopsticks and forks at the same time.
The okonomiyaki was gone in no time at all, so I used a spatula to scrape off the surface before pouring in the next layer of batter.

“Hot! But, so yummy!”

Mashiro was huffing and puffing and eating deliciously. So cute.

“Damn it, cool down quicker!”

The cat-tongued Byakko-sama almost brought it into his mouth, but it was too hot for him, so he had to blow on it and let it cool down first.

“Mmm, delicious. Wouldn’t this taste even better with more meat?”

Kurogane was eating it while savoring it carefully. Too much or too little meat would make it unbalanced. You know?

“Oh my, it’s so tasty! I’ve had a similar sauce before, but this one is even better.”

Thank you for your feedback on the sauce, Suzaku-sama. The previous sauce was “a fake Worcestershire sauce of some kind based on soy sauce” so…

“Wow, this is pretty good. I can do without meat, but it’s full of vegetables, so even I can eat it.”

I’m glad to hear that Ruby could eat it too.
I would never feed sauce to bunnies from my past life, but Ruby seems to be fine with it.

(Hey! Give me more bonito flakes! This is not enough!)

Kaguya asked for more bonito flakes while hitting the floor.
Well, I gave you quite a heaping pile…
But only the bonito flakes are gone…
I had no choice but to give Kaguya’s okonomiyaki some more bonito flakes before I tried it myself.
Ham.. hooh, the fluffy batter, the sweetness of the cabbage, the flavor of the Orc meat, and the sauce all come together in one dish… Simply delicious!
And the bonito flakes added a nice touch!
Yeah… there is a little more room for improvement, but it’s pretty much up to par.
I would love to make takoyaki and yakiudon with too, but I’m not sure how good they would turn out to be.
I would like to make yakisoba too, but the noodles…
Ah, yes. It would go well with Orcatsu or other fried foods.
No, that would be better with a lighter Worcestershire sauce, wouldn’t it…

“The next one is on the grill~!”

While I was enjoying the sauce, Mariel-chan seemed to have finished ahead of Mashiro and Kurogane, and because the okonomiyaki quickly disappeared from the iron plate, I hurried to finish mine.
After repeating grilling okonomiyaki several times, we were all completely full.

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