Chapter 534.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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It’s finally completed!?
“… Now then. I would like to assign you to different roles in making okonomiyaki.”

With that said, I assigned each of us a role.
Suzaku-sama and I were in charge of shredding the cabbage.
We worked together in earnest to shred the cabbage.
The grated yam was done by Mashiro and Sei.
They had a hard time because of the stickiness, but they grated it well.
Thin slices of Orc belly were done by Kurogane and Byako-sama.
These two are the best at handling meat, so I could leave it to them with peace of mind.
I asked Ruby to be in charge of shaving bonito flakes.
“Oh my, you guys do interesting things, don’t you? Well, something like this is easy-peasy for me.” I was impressed how skillfully he could shave the dried bonito flakes with magic.
I asked Mariel-chan and Miria to set the table and keep an eye on Kaguya to prevent her from snacking on the bonito flakes.

“Alright, let’s get to grilling!”

After mixing the ingredients together and placing Uncle Galvano’s special iron plate on a small portable magic stove, all that was left to do was to grill it over a slightly low flame with a thin layer of oil.
I thought about baking it in a frying pan, but I thought it would be better to grill it in a large pan and cut it into pieces, and I also thought it would be more fun to bake it while everyone was enjoying it.

“First, pour in the batter and…”

Put in a thick drop so as not to spread it out.
Using my special spatulas, I rounded out the perimeter of the okonomiyaki and placed a thin slice of Orc belly on top and grilled it slowly.
There is another type of okonomiyaki where the batter is made into a thin crêpe and topped with cabbage, tenkasu, and pork belly, but I don’t think I could pull that one off.
Even at my best, I’m just a little kid, after all.
I have a feeling that I would get bathed in hot cabbage.
I decided to go with the safe and secure mixed type.

“… That should be it?”


After checking the doneness of the okonomiyaki by flipping the edges, I held my spatula in both hands for the main event of okonomiyaki, the flipping.

“W, wait a moment!”
“Pl, please let me do this! I’m good at this one thing!”

Mariel-chan raised her hand in the air and asked to be left in charge of the flipping.

“O… okay, that’s fine with me…”

When I handed the spatulas to the vigorous Mariel-chan, with a serious look on her face, she inserted the spatulas into both sides of the okonomiyaki.
Mariel-chan, you always say you are not good at cooking, so I’m wondering if this will end up well…
As Sei and I gulped and watched, Mariel-chan moved the spatulas, checked by feel that the okonomiyaki was off the griddle, and with a brilliant flip, flipped the okonomiyaki over. Everyone was like, “Ohh~” and Mariel-chan held up the spatulas and posed with a smug smile on her face.

“I’m surprised. You are really good at this.”

As I was impressed, Mariel-chan said shyly, “I used to do this a lot at my parents’ house…”
As I praised her for her great skills, Mashiro and Kurogane competitive spirits were raised as they mumbled, “I’ll do it next!” between themselves.

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