Chapter 534.1

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It’s finally completed!?
“Welcome back, Cristea-sama.”

When I entered the entrance hall of the Special dormitory, I ran into Miria.

“I’m back, Miria. Oh my, what’s in that baggage?”

Miria was carrying a box with the Duke’s crest on it, and she seemed to be handling it with great care.

“Ah, this arrived from the Duke just a moment ago… according to Shin’s letter, there should be condiments inside.”

There was also a letter addressed to me in addition to the one addressed to Miria, so I opened the seal of the letter on the spot and confirmed its contents.

“Wh… what…!?”

I was so surprised and shaken by the content that Sei and Mariel-chan looked at me worriedly.

“Umm, Cristea-san? Did something happen at home…?”

Mariel-chan spoke to me with concern.

“… Mariel-san.”
“Y, yes!?”


I turned to Mariel-chan, not caring whether she was scared by my serious voice.

“Which do you want to eat, okonomiyaki, takoyaki or yakiudon?”
“… Eh?”

I grinned at Mariel-chan, who responded with her mouth wide open.

“It just arrived, the sauce we were developing! I am going to use it right away, but I was wondering what I should make first.”
“Eh… sa… eh, t, that sa, sauce!? Truly!?”
“Yes, that’s right, THE sauce! I had left it to Shin and the Head Chef to complete the final product after many prototypes I made, and they finally came up with something they were satisfied with. They sent it to me to try!”
“U, uwaah! Amazing! W, which should we make… I want to eat all of them, but…”

While Mariel-chan was worrying about it, I continued reading the rest of the letter.

“Oh my, that Shin, he learned how to make curry powder by himself? Let me see, let me see… ohh, Otousama was grumbling that he wanted to eat it, I see. Hmm, mhm, he wants me to check if he made it properly… no matter how expensive the ingredients are, he has a worrying syndrome, after all.”
“Cu, curry!? Uwah, that was a hard one to give up, too…!”

Mariel-chan, remembering the taste of her previous life, was a drooling…
Hey, hey, Sei is here too, okay?

“Mariel-san, let’s do something that will allow us to sample the sauce today. Since we have to make a lot… how about doing okonomiyaki today?”
“Y, yes! As long as I can eat them, any of them would be fine with me!”

If I think about it carefully, I need Okapl (octopus)… to make takoyaki.
I can’t have Kurogane and Mashiro catch them now.
We could substitute sinewy meat or bacon, but it’s the sauce that we are after, after all.
We’ll do it another time.
I am sure we have arranged for plenty of cabbage for Ruby as well.
I have some yams in my inventory from our fief, so I’m going to slice the Orc meat into thin slices… yeah. I can do it.

“Then, after you’ve all finished getting dressed, meet me in the kitchen!”

To my call, they replied, “Yes!” and “Y… yeah.” respectively, and promptly headed for their rooms.

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