Chapter 537.1

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An unexpected love at first sight!?
Hector-sama’s firmly locked onto Mariel-chan.

“… Hector?”

Oniisama seemed to have noticed the change in Hector-sama and called out to him, puzzled.

“Moist eyes and rosy cheeks… figure so slender that she would fly away if wind blew at her… I have never seen such a dainty young lady before!”

Hector-sama never took his eyes off Mariel-chan and began to admire her enchantingly.
Eh, Hector-sama… perhaps he fell in love with Mariel-chan at first sight!?

Mariel-chan is certainly cute. Her cuteness that reminds me of a small animal is her charm.
But, Hector-sama, her moist eyes and rose-colored cheeks are because she was looking at you with a BL gaze just now… I can’t say that, though.
Mariel-chan seemed to be confused by Hector-sama’s reaction.
According to her, she’s only a mob, so it was a similar situation to when she signed the contract with Ruby, as she got herself unexpectedly in the center of attention.
As Mariel-chan was wondering how she should react, Hector-sama approached her, knelt down and took her hand.


Not paying attention to Mariel-chan’s disappointing voice, Hector-sama smiled at her.

“It’s fortuitous that I met you today, and also a fate. I swear to you that I will always protect you.”
“Fueh!? Eh, umm? That, thank you very much…?”

Mariel-chan’s face was bright red and her body was trembling.
Now, now, Mariel-chan. Hector-sama’s line was not only about today’s escorting job, but also about other situations.
If you say thank him so casually, he might perceive it in many various ways.


As I was wondering how to explain to Hector-sama about Mariel-chan, who was not used to being the capture target of such situations, Oniisama nailed Hector-sama with a look of exasperation.

“Hector, don’t forget that there are other objects of your protection today.”

That’s right, that’s right, tell him, Oniisama!

“Isn’t it fine? You will protect your dear little sister yourself, no? As for the rest… ahh, what. Isn’t that Miss Alicia? Long time no see.”

Hector-sama noticed Alicia-sama behind Sei and Adry-sama and called out to her.
Miss Alicia was wearing her hair in one loose braid instead of her usual curls.
I don’t mean to be rude, but she didn’t have her usual trademark curly hair, so I didn’t even notice she was nearby…
Alicia-sama’s outfit today was very girly with gorgeous embroidery, though she kept the frills and such to a minimum so that they wouldn’t interfere with the harvesting.
Alicia-sama is gorgeous and girlish at all times…
Compared to her, I…. am dressed too plain??
No, it’s fine. I don’t need to be flashy to harvest. I’m not a sore loser, okay?

“What do you mean by that what? Aren’t you too rude to a lady?”

When Alicia-sama reproached Hector-sama’s comment, Hector-sama stood up with a look of relief.

“See? Noble young ladies are usually like this, yeah? A pure-looking young lady like Miss Mariel is rare nowadays. Miss Mariel, I must protect you, so you don’t get dirtied like this!”
“Eah? E, ehhh!?”

Hector-sama pulled Mariel-chan by the shoulders as he spoke forcefully.
Mariel-chan’s face was bright red, and she seemed to be panicking, not knowing what to do.
No, Hector-sama, the young lady you are trying to protect is, in a sense, the most dirty girl at the academy, you know!?
Just a moment ago, you were falling prey to Mariel-chan’s (delusional) fangs, okay!?
I can’t say that, though! (For the second time)

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