Chapter 537.2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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An unexpected love at first sight!?
“Adry and the foreign exchange student over there. You chose the Knight Course, didn’t you? There are no monsters in the harvesting forest, so why don’t you guys escort Miss Alicia in the harvesting forest for practice?”

Haah? Sei and Adry-sama are here for practical training in harvesting, okay? And you want them to be the escorts!?


I was about to raise my voice when Oniisama stopped me and stepped forward as if to shield me.

“Hector, what is it that you need to do today?”
“A little bit of help would be fine, no? It’s a simple task to be on the lookout. If they pay attention to their surroundings, it will be easier for them to notice the herbs, no?”
“That’s not the point. It’s you who has been assigned to the escorting duty, and you are being rewarded by credits for this duty. If you try to force it on your underclassmen, I’ll report you for dereliction of duty, how about that?”

Oniisama told him in a cold voice, and perhaps remembering the credits, his momentum from earlier disappeared.

“… Sorry. I got worked up for no reason.”

Oh my, he became obedient all of a sudden.

“However, Miss Mariel! I have no doubts in my mind that I want to protect you! Please let me protect you, too!”

Oh dang it, he doesn’t show any signs of backing down when it comes to Mariel-chan.
Mariel-chan was panicking because she didn’t know what to do in the face of Hector-sama’s aggressive, pushy approach.

“There’s no way I could allow you to do such a thing.”

The moment I thought I heard a familiar voice, Hector-sama was blown backwards.
The one who landed on the spot where Hector-sama had been was…


Ruby clapped his forepaws and then placed them in a crossed-arms
No, you just kicked him, didn’t you? It had nothing to do with your forepaws, right?
As I was watching the situation, Ruby started lecturing Mariel-chan.


“Good grief. Mariel, don’t be so flustered and counterattack a little!”
“Eh, but he’s a senior, and his social status is higher than mine…”
“You know, now that you’ve formed a contract with me, I won’t let you associate with good-for-nothing people like this, you know?”

Ruby glared at Mariel-chan as he tapped his hind legs against the ground.

“Eh? Wouldn’t that be raising flags for no reason!?”
“Hah? I don’t know what you mean by raising flags, but I will properly see through these kinds of people!”

The eyes of Oniisama and Hector-sama were glued to Ruby, who was preaching with a full sense of petulant sister-in-law.

“Ca, Carbuncle…!”
“How lovely…! The sight of it standing beside Miss Mariel is the peak of preciousness…!”

… Hm? Hector-sama was gasping…
Eh, is Hector-sama perhaps fond of cute things…?

“Oh my, I will give you a compliment for understanding my loveliness. B.U.T. I won’t let you become Mariel’s mate as you are now.”
“T, that can’t be…!”

Ruby snickered, “hmph” and Hector-sama slumped to the ground in shock.
Ru, Ruby-san, mate, you say… isn’t that too early!?

“Mate…!? Ruby, le, let’s shut up for a moment!?… Rather, why are you here?”

Mariel-chan seemed to have calmed down with Ruby’s presence and finally rebooted, picking Ruby up and asking him a question.
Yes, why is Ruby here?
Wasn’t he supposed to be waiting at the dormitory?

“What are you asking? Of course, I came to see the situation from within your shadow. Besides, it’s not just me, you know?”

Surely not…

“Your guys’ guardians are hiding over there, see?”


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