Chapter 538.1

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To the Harvesting Forest.
“Hiding, you say… where?”

I looked around, but couldn’t see them.

“Foolish. They are following you secretly, of course they won’t let themselves be noticed by you guys.”

Indeed… if the Sacred Beasts get serious, we have no way of sensing their presences.
It couldn’t be helped, so I had to ask my two via telepathy.

(Mashiro, Kurogane. Are you nearby?)
(We have been exposed. My Lord, we are intending of protecting you secretly, so please do your activities without minding us.)

The reply came as a matter of course.
Even if I am told not to worry about it…

“Well, isn’t it right. They are following you because they are worried about their master. It’s so cute that they even hid their presences so that you guys wouldn’t get mad at them as they watch over you silently. Well, unlike them, I’m the cutest and the least bulky, and I’m useful for collecting herbs, so I’ll go along with you like this.”

Ruby puffed out his chest.
He has a better sense of smell than other people, and also a lower point of view, so he is good at finding herbs.
Hearing this, Mariel-chan gripped Ruby’s paws tightly and looked at him as if clinging to a hope.

“Ruby… I will be relying on you!”
“Nfufu, leave it to me!”
“Thank you! Ruby…!”

… Mariel-chan had a hard time learning herbs, and she didn’t seem confident, after all…

“… How… how heartwarming…”

When I turned my eyes to the voice murmuring behind me, I found Hector-sama staring at Mariel-chan and Ruby, shaking and trembling.
… Hector-sama and Mariel-chan have different tastes, but they may be similar in that they are faithful to moe.

… Huh?
Alicia-sama, who can be seen on the other side of Hector-sama, was also looking down and trembling…
Is she perhaps angry because of Hector-sama’s earlier comment?
Oh no, Alicia-sama is in the group with us today, and it would be awkward to act while she’s in a bad mood, wouldn’t it?
She might get angry at Ruby and say, “It’s insane to bring Sacred Beasts at a time like this!” or something like that.

“Umm, Alicia-sama… would it be all right with you if we brought Ruby and others along?”

When I asked Alicia-sama for her permission to bring Ruby with us, Alicia-sama looked up and saw me.
Eh, why is your face red…?

“I, it can’t be helped! You guys keep a close watch on the Sacred Beasts so that they don’t get separated from us!”

Alicia-sama said quickly and turned her face away.
N…? Nn…?
Her face turned away, but her gaze was glancing at Ruby…?
… Maybe Alicia-sama likes cute things too?

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