Chapter 578.1

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“Ruby… was this… macho…?”

Mariel-chan was trembling.
Ruby, who looked like a cute rabbit (Sacred Beast – Carbuncle), turning into a muscular older brother’s figure was unimaginable.

“If Ruby could take on a human form, I thought it would be a slender and delicate boy or young man who has only held cutlery before… This completely changes the coupling I had in mind!”

I almost burst out laughing involuntarily at Mariel-chan’s tearful appeal. So that’s what you were thinking?!

But seriously, Mariel-chan, isn’t this humanized image revealing too much of your (contractor’s) foolishness?
Ruby, you know, does quite wild things like flying kicks, so how did you go so wrong to imagine such a fragile image?
I didn’t expect it to be this muscular either, though!

Regarding the misunderstanding statement, I won’t deliberately touch on that any further!
In many ways, hands off!

“Only held cutlery… you know, who do you think carried you to bed when you fell asleep completely absorbed in costume making?”

Ruby tilted his head with a voice that seemed exasperated, and Mariel-chan showed a momentary “eh?” reaction that was totally unexpected.
Hey, Mariel-chan!? Making costumes until you fall asleep… there are needles and scissors around, isn’t that dangerous?
And your past life’s mistakes aren’t being taken into account, you know?
The saying “the soul of triplets lasts a hundred lifetimes”—Well, the soul from the previous life should last until this life too, right? It’s not a joke!

“Eh… how did I… well, I just assumed that I unconsciously slipped into bed, or Ruby was used warp to move me… eh, but now that I think about it, I changed from my room wear to nightwear… th-that can’t be, right!?”

Mariel-chan’s face turned red and then pale, looking flustered.

“It’s definitely that, right? Be grateful for my subtle kindness!”


Ruby winked with a snap of his fingers, but Mariel-chan staggered as if in despair.


Being carried by the humanized Ruby and even changing clothes, it’s truly a shocking fact that could make someone faint.

“I-I can’t get married anymore…”

“What nonsense are you talking about? I have no interest in a little girl like you.”

“It’s not about that, and that’s humiliating… it is, right!?”

Ruby, looking completely fed up, flicked Mariel-chan’s forehead. That must hurt.

“Oh, come on, stop whining. My original form is super cute, so there’s no problem, right? Now then, instead of that, what should I help you with?”

Ignoring Mariel-chan in a state of disarray, Ruby turned to me. Such quick change of focus!

“Umm… ah, before that, an apron… there it is.”

Considering that Ruby’s frilly shirt might get in the way of cooking and should not be dirtied, I searched through the inventory and found an apron adorned with lace.
Oh, there’s still that “newlywed apron” imitation from before the alterations to remove the old lace.
I completely forgot about it, since I haven’t used an apron since getting the chef’s coat.
Though it can be adjusted somewhat at the tying position, isn’t it a bit small for him?

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