Chapter 577.2

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Let’s make preparations!
As Kurogane and Mashiro started preparing the pie crust, I handed a bowl with eggs to Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama.

“Could the two of you separate the egg yolks and whites?”

“Sure thing.”


Once I confirmed that they began cracking the eggs in silence, I turned to Sei and Mariel-chan.
While Sei wouldn’t directly participate in the girls-only gathering, he agreed to help for getting a share of finished products, including those for Byakko-sama and others.

Considering that Ruby, the audacious-voiced flamboyant Carbuncle, is participating, I think the boys could join without worrying about it being a girls-only gathering…
Suzaku-sama excitedly started suggesting, “Oh? In that case, shall I prepare a kimono for you?” But Sei firmly refused.
It’s a shame, considering it might have been a chance to meet “O-Sei-chan” after a long time.
Oh, but Mariel-chan doesn’t know that Seio had been avoiding pursuers in the guise of “O-Sei-chan.”
I almost slipped and dropped some B and L fuel on Mariel-chan inadvertently.

“Umm, what should I do?”

“Let’s see, why do’t soak this agar in water, tear it into pieces once it’s softened, then boil it in a pot until it completely dissolves.”

I said, handing Sei a stick of agar.

“Got it.”

As Sei briskly began, Mariel-chan saw him off with an “Ah…” and then looked at me nervously.

“Umm, well, is there anything I can do?”

E-ehehe… With a self-deprecating smile and an attempt to somehow escape from cooking, Mariel-chan looked at me with a forced smile. I smiled back and handed her a carrot.

“Huh? C… carrots?”

“Yes, Mariel-san, I would like you to peel and grate this. Oh, and this too.”

I handed her apples, a grater, and a bowl.

“Y-yes… I guess I can manage this much…”


Mumbling to herself, Mariel-chan headed towards the sink.

“Hey, Cristea. I’m helping too, right? What should I do?”

As I was about to prepare for the next step, Ruby tapped on my calf.
I had forgotten because Ruby wasn’t in my line of sight.

“Hmm… in your case, we can’t have fur getting into the food…”

I wonder if there’s something for Ruby to do?

Maybe Ruby can keep an eye on Mariel-chan to make sure she doesn’t create dark matter and doesn’t snack on the peeled carrot and apple skins…?

“Oh, right, it would indeed be unappetizing with this appearance. Just wait a moment.”


As soon as Ruby stored Mariel-chan’s handmade costume in the inventory in the blink of an eye, the air in the room vibrated and with a thud! A large person appeared in front of me.


“Sigh… it’s been a while since I took human form. I don’t like it; the room feels cramped like this.”

In front of me stood a muscular guy with platinum blond hair curled into a ribbon, wearing a white shirt with frills at the collar, draped sleeves, and black trousers. He rested his fingers on his cheek and sighed contemplatively.

“Huh!? Y-your voice, c-could it be… Ruby…?”

Behind the guy, Mariel-chan, wide-eyed and hesitant, cautiously spoke.

“Oh my, hi there~ Master, if you couldn’t tell it was me, that’s a bit of a fail on your part, you know?”

The guy winked at Mariel-chan, pulling his shoulders back with a suave motion. His voice and tone were exactly like Ruby’s…

“Ehhhh!? Ruby!?”

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