Chapter 577.1

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Let’s make preparations!
“… So, I’m thinking of preparing for the tea party.”

After the lessons, our usual members gathered in the special dormitory’s lounge.
We informed the Sacred Beasts that we had invited Alicia-sama to the tea party and decided to hold a strategy meeting for the preparations.

“Christea, what do you mean by preparing?”

Mashiro asked with his hand raised.

“We need to decide and prepare the tea and sweets to serve Lady Alicia.”

“My Lord, for sweets, how about the usual dorayaki?”

“Dorayaki! I want to eat it now!”

Following Kurogane’s remark, Mashiro looked at me with expectant eyes, and everyone turned their attention to me. Reluctantly, I took out the stocked dorayaki from the inventory, and everyone’s hands reached out. Seeing this, Miria immediately started brewing green tea. My maid is truly excellent!

Sipping the green tea Miria brewed, I continued the meeting.

“Dorayaki is delicious, but I think it might be difficult to serve it to Lady Alicia all of a sudden. Even Oniisama, who spoils me so much, hesitated with the red bean paste in dorayaki. I don’t want to be thought of as a repulsive-food eating young lady again just because of the dorayaki.”

“… I guess an afternoon tea format would be good, right?”

Mariel-chan reached for a second dorayaki while saying this.

“That’s a good idea…”

“Hey, don’t forget to consider my preferences, okay?”

“Huh? A-ahh… right.”


I forgot.
I should make something that Ruby can eat too…

“Okay then, let’s go with an afternoon tea format. For sandwiches, we will have the classic cucumber, a vegetable-packed BLT sandwich, an egg sandwich with thick slices, and for cakes, how about apple pie, fruit jelly, and for baked sweets, I will make a few more in addition to Lady Alicia’s favorite shortbread.”

“Oh my, do I only get sandwiches, too?”

Ruby protested with dissatisfaction.

“It’s okay for you to eat the apple pie and fruit jelly, too. And the baked sweets as well.”

“Huh, even the baked sweets?”

Mariel-chan looked puzzled.

“Yes. Let’s start making them right away.”

I said that and moved to the kitchen.

“Now, for the sandwiches, let’s arrange for freshly baked bread from our residence to be delivered. Today, let’s prepare the pie crust and make some baked sweets.”

Wearing my usual apron, I explained the steps to everyone after assigning roles.

“Can I ask Kurogane and Mashiro to handle the pie crust?”

“Yeah. I have been watching you do it before, my Lord.”

“I can do it too! … Probably!”

The two of them have seen me cook many times, so they have a general idea of the procedures.
If I demonstrate a few times, they can usually handle it skillfully. Are the Sacred Beasts so talented even in these aspects?
Usually, they limit themselves to simple assistance because they want to eat dishes infused with my magic power. Still, if they seriously put their minds to it, they could probably cook at a professional level. Maybe they are obsessed a bit too much with their master…

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