Chapter 578.2

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“Oh my? Isn’t this cute? I’ll borrow this for a moment.”

Ruby swiftly took the apron from my hands and put it on.
It felt a bit… well, quite small, but it should keep the frills at the neckline clean, so let’s go with it.
But, a muscular physique and a newlywed apron… it’s surprisingly fitting, isn’t it? Maybe it’s because it’s Ruby.

“Cristea-sama, we have finished cracking the eggs.”

Suzaku-sama and Byakko-sama brought a bowl with separated egg yolks and whites.

“Oh, thank you. Perfect timing. Well then, could you whip this for me?”

“Whip it?”

In response to Ruby’s question, I put sugar and egg whites into an empty bowl and demonstrated by actually moving my hands with a whisk.

“By whipping it like this, the egg whites become fluffy and white. Please whip it until stiff peaks form.”

“Stiff peaks?”

“Well, like this… once you can lift the whisk and maintain a peak-like shape, it’s good.”

“I see, got it. I’ll give it a try.”

Taking the whisk and bowl from me, Ruby started moving his hands rapidly with a determined “Hmph!”

Stunned by Ruby’s incredible speed, I snapped back to reality and hurriedly worked with Mariel-chan to measure and sift the flour.


“Hey, is this good enough?”

Ruby stopped and showed me the bowl.

“Huh? Already? Let me see… yes, that’s good! Now, add this to…”

With a beautiful meringue ready, I added flour to it, mixing lightly.
I then added melted butter instead of salad oil, grated carrots, and milk, being careful not to overmix.

Since I didn’t have a dedicated mold, I buttered a pound cake mold and poured the batter into the preheated oven.
Although the shape was different, all that was left was to wait for the carrot chiffon cake to bake.
I had Galvano Ojisama make a pound cake mold that could be used for meatloaf or terrines, but maybe I should ask him to make molds for regular whole cakes and chiffon cakes too.

As I pondered these things, I started a fire in a pot to cook jam from the remaining grated carrots and apples, and to simmer the apples for the filling of the apple pie.
However, Suzaku-sama suddenly grabbed my shoulder tightly.


Suzaku-sama held a bowl containing egg yolks, smiling elegantly.

“Cristea-sama… what will you make with these egg yolks?”

“Well, I was thinking of using them for dinner’s tamagoyaki…”

“I want pudding… yes, it can only be pudding. Right, Cristea-sama?”


Overwhelmed by Suzaku-sama’s intense pressure, it was needless to say that making apple pie filling, jam, and pudding simultaneously had been decided.

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