Chapter 579.1

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Invitation to the Tea Party
A few days later, after finishing preparations for the tea party, I contacted the Ellisfeed family to inform them that we would be using the room they are renting in the salon building. Mariel-chan and I jointly wrote an invitation letter to Alicia-sama.

In the morning, I handed the invitation to Alicia-sama in the special class classroom, and she immediately responded with a cheerful “Thank you very much. I look forward to it after school.”
This surprised our classmates, who were familiar with Alicia-sama’s previous attitude.

Well, it’s surprising that she responded with a happy smile after being so tsundere before.
Concerned that Alicia-sama might be upset by the commotion around her, I looked, and she seemed a bit troubled, smiling awkwardly.
Mariel-chan and I exchanged glances and said, “We’re also looking forward to it,” with smiles as we took our seats.

Since we’ve reconciled with Alicia-sama, it’s time to let everyone know.
Now that I know Alicia-sama shares my love for fluffy things, there’s no reason not to become friends!
Fufufu… Just as I was feeling confident that today’s tea party will be enjoyable, Adry-sama arrived.

“Good morning. So, you’re having a tea party with Allie today?”

“Oh, good morning, Adry-sama. Yes, I invited her to the salon building after school today.”

“Lucky her. Those tea sweets prepared by Miss Cristea are bound to be delicious.”

With his hands clasped behind his head, Adry-sama glanced at me with envy, but Sei intervened.

“Adry, it’s apparently a girls-only gathering today, so don’t expect an invitation since it’s only for the ladies.”

Sei scolded, and Adry-sama pouted, lowering his head.

“Eh… What’s a ‘girls-only gathering’? Oh, I see! So Sei won’t be joining, right? Can I visit the dorm after school today?”

“Huh? Why would that be?”


“Why? We’re best friends, aren’t we? I want to hang out with you after school.”

Adry-sama looked puzzled as Sei, seemingly disinterested, turned away and said, “… Do as you like.” Oh, his ears were turning red.

“Ou! Oh, and make sure to prepare some tea snacks!”


Smiling at Adry-sama’s request for snacks and Sei’s sarcastic remark, I decided to add Adry-sama’s share of snacks to what I had already set aside for those who wouldn’t be attending the tea party today.

“Ahh, how precious… Thank you for the feast right in the morning…!”

Mariel-chan blushed, her eyes moist with joy.
… Don’t make any comments, me!
I couldn’t afford to unleash ice magic on Mariel-chan this morning, so I focused on honing my skill of ignoring.

And then, after school.
Mariel-chan and I, having been exempted from many of the afternoon classes, returned early to the special dorm and headed towards the salon building.

“Even if it’s safe with barrier magic, don’t you need guards?”

“I am a member of Cristea’s group, so can’t I join the girls-only gathering, too?”

I tried convincing Kurogane and Mashiro, who insisted on being guards for the girls-only gathering.

“No. Today, we have decided to let Alicia-sama relax, so we can get to know each other better. You guys might be a distraction, whether in your human form or your original form.”

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