Chapter 467.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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You have it!?
For lunch, Mariel-chan requested a bowl of Orc soup with lots of ingredients, and Mashiro requested grilled Shaken and fried eggs.

“Fuaaah… delishhh… as I thought, the food Cristea-san makes is the best…!”

Mariel-chan’s eyes were moist, but she was still eating.
Mariel-chan, Sei is looking a little taken aback, so let’s try to control ourselves a bit, okay…?

“I don’t get tired of this Orc soup with many ingredients no matter how many times I eat it…”
“Oh, so you understand it as well. This pork… Orc soup tastes great whenever you eat it!”

Byakko-sama agreed with Mariel-chan’s words and took the last bite, then got up and went to the table where the pot was placed to refill it.

“I agree that the Orc soup is delicious, but the best is the Chawanmushi, you know? The way it sways and jiggles as if inviting you is something I never get tired of seeing, and the pleasure of it melting in your mouth is something else… haah.”

Suzaku-sama let out a suffocating sigh while twisting her body.
… Suzaku-sama did that again after a while, huh… Mariel-chan, who saw it for the first time, turned red and dropped the food from her chopsticks. Please keep your indecency with moderation, okay!?

“You guys don’t understand anything. Everything tastes good as long as My Lord hand her hand in it, alright?”
“That’s right, that’s right. Everything Cristea makes is delicious!”
“T, thank you.”

Geez, Kurogane and Mashiro. Please stop overpraising your Lord.
I have made plenty of mistakes in cooking too!
I can’t stand it when people praise me in front of others~!


“Umu, anything Cristea-san makes tastes great. Omurice, for examle, is fluffy, melty and tastes superb.”
“O, Omurice!? Fluffy and melty!? C, Crcrcristea-saan!?”

Mariel-chan who heard Sei’s words reacted and looked towards me.
Ah~… I might not have let her have it before because I mainly served her Japanese dishes… I think?

“Hmm. Omurice is good too, but it’s about time for, umm, karreh? I want to eat that! I loved the spiciness~”

Byakko-sama returned to his seat with a refill in his hand.
Whoah! Byakko-sama said something unnecessary!

“Karreh? Deliciously spicy… hey. I, isisis that perhaps curry!? Cristea-san! You have curry!? You managed to make it!?”

Hieh! Mariel-chan’s eyes were like that of a predator looking at its prey…!
Hey, even Kurogane and Mashiro were alterted by Mariel-chan’s excitement! Calm down!?

“Y, yeah, well… I made it… unfortunately, I don’t have any spices in my stock.”
“I beg you! Please, let me eat it the next time!”

Mariel-chan begged with a desperate look on her face.
Ehh~… that much? No, it’s true that in my previous life, you could even call it the national dish… I can understand why she would be desperate to eat it for the first time since her previous life.

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