Chapter 466.2

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Welcome back, I’m home.
“Speaking of which, Kurogane, where did you guys go hunting?”
“… Byakko said he was bored and wanted to join us, so we had no choice, really no choice, but to warp to the Ellisfeed territory and weed out the monsters.”
“Oi, I went out of my way to take you guys out because you looked bored, okay?”

Byakko-sama looked at him as if he was out of his mind.
Byakko-sama didn’t say anything more as Sei struck him with the iron fan he had taken out from who knows where and bashed his hand. Looks like he was already pissed off at him for sneaking out without telling him. I see, they traveled all the way to the Ellisfeed territory. I’m sure Leon-sama would scold me if he witnesses everyone’s rampage around the royal capital, as it would become a big deal.

“We had no choice but to go along with Byakko because he was so persistent. Oh, I checked the number of Orcs, but didn’t bring any because the number of them didn’t increase.”

Mashiro’s head popped up from behind Kurogane.
Yes, we don’t see many Orcs in our territory anymore, probably because of their heavy consumption.
That’s why the Ellisfeed branch of the Adventurer’s Guild is always asking for Orcs, so we decided to keep some as a source of income for the adventurers, unless they are a high level species.
Besides, I told them that I still had a stock of Orc meat in my inventory, so they didn’t need to hunt them unless it was an emergency.
Of course, Orcs were monsters, so I didn’t want them to pose a threat to the surrounding population, especially if there were large settlements or higher-ranking species such as Kings or Generals.
However, adventurers happily hunt Orcs as a source of “tasty” income in a double sense, so their numbers aren’t increasing very much…

“I see, thanks for making the rounds. So, what did you catch today?”

Since they had to use inventory and took it all the way to the dismantling area, that means it’s a big prey that will take a while to bleed out, right?

“Mm. We found a Bighorn Bull. It’s been a while since I’ve played with one.”

Ohh, Bighorn Bull!
That’s a great piece of beef in a long while!
It’s so good you’d think it was A5 grade meat~!
Well, I wouldn’t know, as I didn’t eat that much good beef in my previous life, though!
Ufufu, I will have to stew up the soup stock and prepare properly.
Yes, I like the idea of making a thick beef Donburi with the meat, but I’d also like to make Oden this winter.
Oh, the possibilities…!

“… If My Lord is pleased, then it was worth the trip.”

Oops, I shouldn’t have done that. I was so happy that I got absent-minded.

“Ahem! But you have to be careful! I get worried if you suddenly left without telling me.”
“Umu. We will be careful next time.”

Well, as far as I’m concerned, three Sacred Beasts together are overpowered.
This time, the Bighorn Bull was really unlucky, that’s all I can say.

“Cristea, although meat is good, I brought you your beloved Sharken!”

Mashiro opposed Kurogane.
This time, it was Kurogane and Byakko-sama who were full of spirit and brought down the prey before Mashiro could do anything, so he was apparently discontent that he didn’t have a turn.

“Thank you, Mashiro. I still have some in stock in my inventory, but once it’s the season for the Sharken to swim upstream, I will rely on you again.”
“Yeah! Leave it to me!”

The whole-faced smiling Mashiro was very adorable, so I heard Mariel-chan from behind me mumbling things like, “Cu, cute…!” and “O, outrageously cute…” to herself, but I didn’t feel like interjecting, so I ignored it.

“Well, everyone, it’s time to eat lunch, so don’t forget to wash your hands!”

I clapped my hands and everyone quickly left for the sink.

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