Chapter 466.1

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Welcome back, I’m home.
“Well, I guess it’s already time for lunch. Let’s leave the game at the dismantling place and let’s go eat first!”

With that, Byakko-sama quickly headed for the dining hall.
The dismantling area is located in the back of the kitchen in the dining hall, just outside the door.

“Oi! Wait up, Tora! What the hell are you doing, going hunting on your own!”

I watched dumbfounded as Sei chased after Byakko-sama, shouting.

“I’m going as well.”
“Me too.”

Kurogane and Mashiro went after them.
… Hmm. I guess we will be having lunch in the dining hall, since there are more people, and it would feel too cramped to have lunch in the lounge.
We can move to the lounge to do our review later, right?

“Mariel-san, let’s have lunch in the dining hall… uh!?”

As soon as I turned around and tried to speak to her, Mariel-chan grabbed me by both arms.

“… A surprise hunk entrance is bad for my heart…”

Mariel-chan nearly burst out laughing earlier, so she spoke as if she was squeezing out her voice now.

“… Were you holding your breath!?”
“Saying I stopped breathing would be closer to reality. I was afraid to disturb the air with my breathing…”
“No, please breathe!?”

When I took Mariel-chan into the dining room, Suzaku-sama peeked out from the kitchen.

“Oh, Cristea-sama, you’re back now. I’ve polished the rice for you.”

Suzaku-sama’s fiery red hair was pulled back into a single bun, adding a crisp air to her usual bewitching beauty, making her look as cool as a beautiful man in male clothing.
She told me that she kept her hair in a bun while cooking because I was always explaining to her about hygiene control.
Mariel-chan’s “Wow…” came from behind me.
I don’t need to turn around to know that she was admiring her in a daze.
… At least she’s not holding her breath, so that’s good.

“I have returned, Suzaku-sama. Thank you very much for polishing the rice.”
“No, I should do at least this much to help you around… oh my? You are together with a friend, I see.”

Suzaku-sama looked at Mariel-chan who stood behind me.

“Yes. I have invited Mariel-san to prepare for our next lesson together.”
“Oh my, is that so? Welcome, Mariel-sama.”

When Suzaku-sama smiled warmly at her, I heard the sound of Mariel-chan having her breath taken away as she immediately bowed after.

“I-I bwill be intruding!”

… She bit her tongue.
Mariel-chan does bite her tongue a lot when talking with a beauty, doesn’t she? Why? The people around here are all beauties (hunks), so I believe she better build up some resistance against them soon, or she will have a tough time in the future…

“I hope you enjoy your stay. Cristea-sama, are you going to eat now?”
“Yes, we will join you all here. I will supply the lunch from my inventory today, and we will keep the polished portion for dinner.”

While we were talking, Byakko-sama and the rest, who had left their game in the dismantling area returned.
It took them a while to get back, so they may have already started draining the blood.
It takes a long time for a big game, after all.

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