Chapter 465.2

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Let’s go back to the dorm!
“Mariel-san, don’t be too hasty, or you will fall.”
“Eh~! I will be fine~! Whoahh!”

Mariel-chan tripped on a stone slab and nearly fell to the ground, but managed to stay on her feet just barely.
Geez, I told you so.
I’m glad she didn’t fall and hurt herself, but that “Whoahh!” is not something a noble young lady should be saying, you know?
Sei, who was standing next to her, tried to help her as soon as he could, but was now staring blankly at Mariel-chan, who stepped aside with a strange shout.

“A, awawa…”

I think Sei is a gentleman as he gently turned away from Mariel-chan who was trying to cover her blunder up by laughing, and pretended not to have seen it.

“Mariel-san, the Orc soup won’t run away from you, so let’s go slowly, okay?”
“Y… yes.”

When I hammered the nail with a smile, Mariel-chan became small.

“… Fu, kuku.”

Sei… can’t hold his laughter back, can he?
And I think it would be less damaging to Mariel-chan if you just laughed it off, though.

“… Kuh, just kill me…”

Mariel-chan turned red and mumbled in a voice so quiet that only I could hear it.
Kill you!?
It’s a shame that Mariel-chan is such a beautiful girl, but there’s something wrong with her.
I was also a nerd in my previous life, so I can understand why you might want to hide your embarrassment, but you are a noble young lady now, so let’s keep it down a bit, okay?
I patted Mariel-chan on the shoulder and gently encouraged her.

When we returned to the dormitory, Miria was just coming down the stairs.

“Welcome back, Cristea-sama.”
“I’m back, Miria. I’m going to have lunch with everyone now. Could you please put this in my room?”

I handed my baggage to Miria.

“Thank you. Right, were Mashiro and Kurogane waiting obediently?”

It’s strange that they didn’t come to pick me up when I was gone since the morning.

“Those two gentlemen went hunting together with Byakko-sama…”

My and Sei’s surprised voices were synchronized.
What do you mean by hunting, they went outside?

“Byakko-sama said, ‘I know you don’t like to sit around and wait, so I’m going to let you vent. I’m sure Suzaku alone would be enough for guarding the home’….”
“That fella… I’m sorry, Miss Cristea. Tora did something unnecessary.”

Sei let out a sigh and apologized.

“No, it’s because my two guys cannot settle down that Byakko-sama ended up taking care of them…”
“What about me?”
“Fugyaa, what… I believe a more acceptable yell for a young noble lady would be something like ‘kyaa’ instead, no?”

Byakko-sama looked at me with astonishment.

“Oi, Byakko. It’s your fault for startling my Lord!”
“That’s right! Apologize to Cristea!”
“Yesyes, it was my fault, so I apologize.”

Ugh… I let my guard down. Kuuh, Byakko-sama, you…
Beside me, Sei and Mariel-chan were trying their best to hold back their laughter.
Kuh, just kill me!

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