Chapter 406

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Mrs. Dora the Powerful.
Mrs. Dora served us a cup of tea and sat next to Teacher Neil.

“Here you go. Geez, to not even prepare tea cakes. Sorry about this.”
“No, don’t mind… thank you for the tea.”

To be honest, I have been thirsty since a while ago, so I accepted without hesitation.
… It was so fragrant and tasty that it was hard to believe that she used the same tea leaves Teacher Neil did. It was easy to drink for tea I drank for the first time.

“Cristea-san, there is a reason why contractors stay at this special dormitory, do you know that reason?”
“E, erm… because there’s no place for the Sacred Beasts?”

If I enter the girls’ dormitory, it’s only natural that Kurogane and Mashiro in their human forms can’t stay.
Much less in their Sacred Beasts forms.
That’s why I was thinking of supplying magical power to Mashiro and Kurogane “in secret” until they get exposed.

“Yes, that’s one of the reasons. The dormitory life would surely be difficult for those who are not contracted with a Sacred Beast or a magic beast. We must not cause unnecessary troubles and accidents. People like you and Teacher Neil are used to dealing with your contracted beasts, but it’s unknown how other students might react.”

Certainly. If I didn’t have my contracts, I might have found it difficult to interact with other young ladies who did.
Well, if those Sacred Beasts or magic beasts were so fluffy, I would definitely do my best to approach them so that I could touch them.
… Oh, this might be to avoid people approaching you like that… haha.

“In the past, there was an accident with a student who injured another because they considered themselves more suitable master of their contracted beast, causing the contracted beast to assault them in frenzy. That magic beast was very attached to their contractor, so it forgot itself in rage… the other students managed to save their life, but they dropped out of the academy later.”

Stealing a contracted magic beast is possible? It’s not, right!? Of course it would get angered if you injured their contractor… I think Kurogane and Mashiro would forget themselves in rage too… I ended up thinking about something scary.

“Foolish. There’s no way we could change the Lord we acknowledged so easily. Well, I don’t know about the magic beasts, though.”
“True. I wouldn’t want a fool like that as my master.”

Kurogane, Mashiro, let’s stop being sympathetic here, okay…?

“Eh… My, oh my! I was sure you two were personal servants or guards…”

Mrs. Dora opened her eyes wide in surprise as she stared at Kurogane and Mashiro.

“That’s right! Isn’t it incredible!? Both are transformed Sacred Beasts! You can understand how high-ranking existences they are just with that, right? Don’t you think that opportunities like this don’t come too often in this academy!?”

Teacher Neil tried to emphasize Mrs. Dora in excitement.

“Teacher Neil, could you quiet down a little please? Geez, you had this habit of ignoring your surroundings because of research since your student days, you know?”
“Ugh… yes.”


Mrs. Dora glared at Teacher Neil and he sunk into the sofa.

“Good. I’m sorry about this ruckus.”

Mrs. Dora is powerful…!
If something happened with Teacher Neil in the future, I will consult with Mrs. Dora, yes.

“Right… Cristea-san, you are incredible to have multiple contracts at this young age.”

Mrs. Dora praised me with a smile, while Kurogane and Mashiro nodded to her words in agreement.

“Umu. I acknowledged her as my Lord, after all.”
“I contracted her because it’s Cristea, you know?”
“My, my, looks like you have natural disposition as a contractor. How promising.”
“Ah… thank you very much.”

N, geez~ you two! I’m happy but embarrassed! I’m glad you are in a good mood, but please be obedient, okay!?

“My, oh my, we ended up diverting for the discussion. Pardon me. As I explained, there’s no limit to students with foolish thoughts. To avoid such accidents and to provide contracted beasts with a peace of mind, we have built this special dormitory. Depending on the contracted beast, they might need to be housed in beast stables too. All the necessary equipment is here.”
“Is that so…”

Certainly, it might be safer to keep contractors isolated in the same dormitory, so less trouble occurs.

“Umm, I understand the reasoning for entering this dormitory, but you are not the dorm manager here, Mrs. Dora?”
“Yes. I am the dorm manager of the girls’ dormitory. The special dormitory is both for boys and girls due to its special characteristics, but please be assured that there are independent doorways for both. I am in control of the keys of the rooms that are not in use, so I brought them over.”
“I am acting as the dorm manager of the special dormitory, so you can consult with me if there’s anything you need. I would love if you consulted with anything trivial about the Sacred Beasts with me!”

Teacher Neil said that smilingly, but rather than me consulting with him, he just is interested in the Sacred Beasts, isn’t he?
I’m sorry to the Teacher, but I don’t want to consult with him too much…

“… I wonder if it would be possible to consult with you, Mrs. Dora, even if I stay at a different dormitory?”
“Eh? Cristea-san, you can consult with me…”
“No, I don’t mind. There would be things that you could consult only with a woman, so I will report back to Teacher Neil if necessary. Would that be agreeable?”
“Eh, ah, haah… yes.”

As expected of Mrs. Dora. She silenced Teacher Neil with a glare of hers.

“Wait a moment please. I believe that there are currently no other contractors enrolled within the academy. Doesn’t that mean that Cristea will be staying here alone with Teacher Neil? I can’t overlook that!”

Oniisama, who has been quiet up until now said without holding his anger back.
… Eh, there would be only Teacher Neil and me in this special dormitory…?
W, wouldn’t I be barraged with questions every single day!?

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