Chapter 407

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I’m glad to hear that…?
“Norman-san, each room has its own invader prevention barrier erecting magic tool to protect their privacy, so everything will be all right. Besides, even a dorm manager can’t simply enter a room protected by contracted beasts at a moment’s notice.”

Mrs. Dora smiled at Oniisama who was making an angry expression and calmed him down.

“… There’s no problem then.”

Oniisama seemed a little relieved and his anger seemed to weaken.
I see, since Kurogane and Mashiro are with me, Teacher Neil wouldn’t be able to just barge into my room and there’s a barrier magic tool on top of that. I’m glad to hear that.

“Of course. There’s no way we would let this fellow near with us around.”
“You will be dealt with if you trouble Cristea, alright?”
“Kurogane, Mashiro, you are being rude to the teacher!”

Especially you, Mashiro. You can’t deal with him, okay!? I am worried about the method you would use, so I won’t even ask!

“Lord, however he…”

As Kurogane wanted to object with dissatisfaction, Teacher Neil forced his way through with sparkling eyes.

“So the Sacred Beasts are called Kurogane-sama and Mashiro-sama? And so, what kind of Sacred Beasts are they!?”
“… Teacher Neil?”

Mrs. Dora was smiling, but her eyes definitely weren’t. Scary!
However, even in this situation, the look in Teacher Neil’s eyes didn’t change as it concerned the Sacred Beasts… his mental strength is too great.

“P, pardon me, I just… no but, you know? We have to decide on the room depending on the Sacred Beasts’ form! We might need to prepare the Beast Stables too, so…”
“No need. Dora or however you are called, make sure that Lord’s room is the furthest one away from this fellow.”
“Yeah. That would be good.”
“Please do that by all means.”

Kurogane and Mashiro interrupted Teacher Neil who was trying to come up with excuses and demanded conditions of my room. Oniisama approved too. You have no confidence in Teacher Neil, do you!?

“Wha!? You don’t need to be so prejudiced.”
“Of course. Teacher Neil, the keys.”
“Mrs. Dora! You are not going to stand for a fellow dorm manager!?”
“You have become a teacher after graduating and been appointed as the dorm manager because you stayed in the same room all this time, no? There were no boarding students for a long time, so you did not have to do much as the dorm manager before. Now, take out the keys.”
“A, ahaha… yes.”

Teacher Neil dejectedly took out a bunch of keys and handed them to Mrs. Dora. Although he seems to be managing the keys of the special dormitory, Mrs. Dora seems to be actually the one in charge.
Mrs. Dora selected one of the keys from the bunch and placed it on the table.

“This is the key to your room. I will explain things to you later when I show you the room. Your things that were delivered to the girls’ dormitory are being currently carried here, so let’s talk a bit in the meanwhile.”

Mrs. Dora said with a smile.

“Y, yes…”
“Teacher Neil explained this earlier, but the two gentlemen… what kind of Sacred Beasts are your contracted beasts? We have the obligation to report contracts with Sacred Beasts to the headmaster, and the Royal Palace.”

Guh… on top of being exposed at the academy, it has to be reported to the Royal Palace too, as expected…

“Umm… won’t I have to drop out after I get reported to the Royal Palace…”

When I asked timidly, Mrs. Dora and Teacher Neil showed surprised expressions.

“My! There’s no need for something like that .”
“Indeed! If you left the academy, my Sacred Beast research would…”
“Be quiet, Teacher Neil. Cristea-san, if you have the desire to study at this academy, then it’s our duty to open its doors to you and protect your rights. If you wish to study, we will respect your intentions.”
“Is that so…”


Hoh, I heard a lot about the country taking in the Sacred Beast contractors, so I was scared I would be taken to the Royal Palace as soon as I got exposed.

“Although you are already contracted with Sacred Beasts, you are still young. There are many things to learn at this academy to make sure you choose the correct path in your life. Work hard.”
“Y… yes!”

Mrs. Dora seems so reliable! Although she looks like a gentle grandma, she’s like a spirited mother on inside.

“Right, right! I would be glad if you participated in my specialized course! And so, what kind of Sacred Beasts are the two gentlemen!?”
“… Teacher Neil, do you still remember what I told you a little while ago?”
“… I am sorry!”

Being glared at by Mrs. Dora, Teacher Neil who was sitting on the sofa corrected his posture. It seems that he was guided strictly in the past.

“Good. Cristea-san, Teacher Neil will keep on bothering you forever at this rate, so could you tell us about the two gentlemen?”

Glancing at Teacher Neil as if he was a hopeless case, Mrs. Dora smiled at me.

“Y… yes. Mashiro here is a Holy Bear, and this is Kurogane, the Fenrir.”
“Ehhh!? Ho, Holy Bear and Fenriiir!?”
“Oh my…”

Teacher Neil stood up in excitement while Mrs. Dora looked at Mashiro and Kurogane with blank amazement.

“When it comes to Holy Bears, they are said to live in the northern parts of our country in canyons covered in snow. I thought they were supposed to be rarely seen!? Moreover, by Fenrir, you mean that Fenrir who is famed as one of the strongest Sacred Beasts in the legends of the country foundation!?”

Excited, Teacher Neil began singing praises about Holy Bears and the Fenrir.
Ohh, he got a lot of information just by researching.

“Calm down a little, Teacher Neil. Geez, you have been too excited since yesterday.”

Mrs. Dora admonished Teacher Neil with exhaustion.

“As if I could calm down in this situation!? Yesterday and now today, it’s unheard of for so many Sacred Beasts to gather at the academy, you know!? Ahh, I don’t dislike being a teacher, but I am glad I stayed at the academy for the sake of research…!”

I withdrew from the excited Teacher Neil, but I clearly memorized his words.
Yesterday? So many? Gather?
… No matter how few Sacred Beasts contractors there are, that expression would be too much for just Mashiro and Kurogane alone, no? Perhaps…


Just as I was about to inquire from Teacher Neil, the door to the lounge opened.

“… Oh, pardon me. I didn’t know you were busy… ah.”
“Ahh! You came at a good time, Sei-kun! Let me introduce a new friend that will be moving in today!”

The one peeking from the door was Sei.

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