Chapter 408

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Sei entered after being invited inside by Teacher Neil, and Suzaku-sama and Byakko-sama followed him inside.
Sei wore a shirt and trousers commonly worn in Doristan, his hair was collected and decorated by a single string.
Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama wore similar shirts and trousers.
Suzaku-sama is dressed like that too?
She looks like a cool beauty when dressed in men’s clothing, but I believe dressing like this would be poisonous to the boys in puberty, no…?
Still… whoah, to think we would meet this soon.

“That’s right! This girl here is Sacred Beast contractor just like you! Haaah… to think this many Sacred Beasts would gather at this dormitory, I must be dreaming…”

Teacher Neil spoke to Sei with excitement as he stared entranced at us… or to be precise, he stared at Mashiro, Kurogane, Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama… oi~ teacher?
This guy is hopeless. He’s completely disregarding us, the contractors. He can’t be helped.
I stood up and greeted Sei.

“I will reintroduce myself then. I am Cristea Ellisfeed. Thank you very much for the delicious tea at the Bastea Company the other day. I didn’t think you would be a Sacred Beast contractor too. What an incredible coincidence.”

Victory goes to the one who makes the first move, in fact, this is the best timing to let everyone know that we are actually acquaintances!

“Yes, I was surprised to hear that you would be also entering the academy when we met at the Bastea Company, but to think that we are both contractors is quite the coincidence. Let’s get along in the future, Classmate.”

Sei who was looking unimpressed at Teacher Neil quickly grasped my motives and replied to me with a smile.

“… Excuse me Cristea, but you guys are acquaintances?”

Oniisama asked warily.

“Oniisama, I got to know Sei-sama the other day at the Bastea company. He came to study abroad from Yahatul. The Yahatul tea he treated me to was very delicious.”
“… Sei-sama? Wasn’t that the name of your friend back in the fief?”

Crap. That reminds me, Oniisama knew Sei from the “O-Sei-chan” days!
I was so happy I got to make my first girl friend in this world at that time, I spilled the beans to Oniisama…
He wasn’t “girl” friend in the end, though.

“… Ah, you must be talking about my cousin. My name is Seinoshin Shikishima. In Yahatul, families have the custom to name their offsprings by using the same characters, so we tend to have similar pet names.
“… Seinoshin?”

Eh, Sei’s name was Seinoshin? This is my first time hearing about this, though!?

“Seinounshiin? Shikishiima?”

Oniisama was confused by the unique names of Yahatul so he repeated Sei’s name with unfamiliar pronunciation.

“It’s Seinoshin Shikishima. It’s difficult to pronounce, so please just call me Sei. My cousin probably had the same idea, so that must be why she introduced herself as Sei. Err, are you Cristea-san’s older brother, Senior?”

When say said so smilingly, Oniisama noticed that he did not introduce himself yet, so he replied awkwardly.

“… Pardon my impoliteness. I am Cristea’s elder brother, Norman Ellisfeed.”
“Senior Norman, I have arrived in Doristan just a while ago, so I don’t know the culture here very much, could you please take care of me in the future?”
“Sure, I will help if I can.”
“Thank you very much.”


Saying that, the two shook hands.
I’m glad, it seems that we were able to deceive him somehow.
Still, Sei this guy. Why did he not tell me that his full name was Seinoshin?
… Let’s ask him later what characters are in his name.

“By the way, Teacher Neil. A carriage with luggage has arrived in front of the dormitory.”

When Sei recalled his business, Mrs. Dora stood up in a hurry.

“Oh my. They must be Cristea-san’s things. Oh, I will have the things carried into your room, so I will borrow the key for a little. Everyone, have a talk here in the meanwhile. Cristea-san, organize your things later on your own, okay?”

Mrs. Dora briskly left the lounge.

“Umm, is it fine for me to not go with Mrs. Dora?”

They are my things, but I was left completely behind, so I asked Teacher Neil what’s the deal with that.

“Yeah, it will be a hassle if a ruckus arises even before you officially enroll. It would be better to not show your faces before the servants for now.”
“Is that so…”

Certainly, the person living here is most definitely Sacred Beast or Magic Beast contractor, so coming out is like introducing myself to everyone as a contractor.
But, didn’t I get exposed as soon as my things were transferred from the girls’ dormitory to here?

“I believe that you guys will be well-known once the entrance ceremony is over, but it might be better for you to stay here quietly before that. There will certainly be overly curious students too, but this area is generally off-limits for those without permission.”

Oof, confined indoors until the entrance ceremony…?
Even though I wanted Oniisama to show me around…

“Speaking of servants, there are no maids here because I have been living in this special dormitory alone until now.”

Teacher Neil said and shrugged his shoulders.
You basically take care of yourself at the student dormitories, but there are many noble children who were raised carefully as such that they cannot do without attendants.
On top of that, there are people who are hired to be housemaids and commoner students who are part-time attendants.
Part-time jobs on the outside are forbidden, so students can earn some pocket money by helping others a little.
So there’s not a single person like that in the special dormitory, huh… eh?

“Someone will come to wash and change your sheets, but you will have to make a bed and other things like that by yourselves. Also, the meals will be served in a cafeteria on the first floor of the salon between boys’ and girls’ dormitories. I will ask Mrs. Dora to show you there today.”

I see, so there’s no problem with the meals.

“But, you will have to arrange the meals for the Sacred Beasts, is that fine with you?”
“Ah, although I say that you will have to arrange it, the necessities will be supplied by the academy. I mean, every species eats different things, right? I will have to put an application so that we can arrange for it. Whether it’s hay or blood-dried meat, no matter what it is. Well, if it’s too special, you will have to prepare it yourselves.”
“… My Sacred Beasts can eat in their human forms, so there’s no need to prepare anything special for them as they can eat whatever I eat… Miss Cristea’s Sacred Beasts should be the same, no?”

Teacher Neil explained and Sei added.
I see, there’s a difference in Sacred Beasts and Magic Beasts, so herbivores and carnivores would naturally eat different things.
I totally forgot because Mashiro, Kurogane, also Byakko-sama and others always ate what I cooked.
I restocked my inventory before enrolling and I plan on restocking it regularly at our residence.
So preparing it ourselves… huh. In that case…

“Indeed. They basically eat the same meals as me, but… umm, is there a place where I could cook in the dormitory?”

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