Chapter 409

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Eh? To here?
“N? Each room has a small room with a magic stove for maids to make tea. It needs a magic stone to operate, though.”

According to Teacher Neil, the rooms in the special dormitory have mini-kitchens to reduce the need for the maids to move all over the place and because of the independent security of each room.

“Aside from that… it’s not like there’s not a kitchen, but…”
“It’s difficult to call it a beautiful place since I use it for dismantling…”

I glared at Teacher Neil who tried to laugh it off with tehe☆
… Considering the tea he brewed before, I wonder if the kitchen is in such a terrible state it should be called dismantling room instead.
… It would be wise to stay away.
Anyhow, let’s take a look at the mini-kitchen before deciding what to do.

“… Is that so? Then, would it be fine for me to use that small room?”
“I don’t mind, but… the equipment is simple because it was set up for the maids, you know?… Hmm, I thought it would be fine since Sei-kun has Suzaku-sama to look after him, but you are a Duke’s daughter after all, we can’t arrange things for you in the same way. I will have to ask for at least one maid for the special dormitory. Hmm, I wonder if there’s anyone suitable…”

As Teacher Neil was muttering to himself while scratching his head, Mrs. Dora returned.

“Cristea-san, we have finished carrying your luggage to your new room. The vacant rooms are cleaned regularly, so you can use it as it is. Make sure to unpack your stuff.”

Mrs. Dora gave me the key while saying so.

“Y, yes…”

I flinched, imagining the pile of luggage that would have been brought into the room.
I basically keep everything I need in the inventory, so I don’t have much stuff, however there’s a mountain of stuff Otousama and Okaasama have given me…
It was planned for me to stay in a room for the nobility, and there was a certain amount of space, so I had a hard time carefully selecting what to bring.
I did not know what I needed for school life, so I thought I could tell Miria that I can just throw everything in… but she kindly reminded me to confirm my things properly.
Looking at the list forced in my hands, the luggage had gotten hardly reduced despite Miria’s careful selection.

… In short, Miria is also way too overprotective of me.
I was helpless and believed that all that stuff won’t fit in my room, so I reduced and reduced the luggage by throwing it into my inventory, and thinking that I won’t use anything I stored inside.
I felt refreshed as the luggage disappeared, but I overdid it in the end! Unimpressed, everyone started carefully packing more things and we succeeded(?) with a third of the original amount of stuff.
That’s still a lot of stuff though, so I’m thinking of storing whatever I don’t need in the inventory.
I mean, it would be troublesome to clean…
I am a student so I have no need for so many dresses anyway…
The basic equipment should be just a uniform…

There are also more than a dozen sets of tea utensils for times when having tea time with friends, letters for writing invitations, and other things necessary for TPO: time, place, occasion…
No, I know, okay?
A lady should coordinate guests with items worthy of the TPO perfectly.
But you see, aren’t we students?
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a bare minimum of full-hearted hospitability if possible?
… Rather than having such a stuck-up tea party, I want to go to a café with my friends and have a talk while eating delicious desserts! That is my dream!
Even though I dreamed of having secret pajama parties with Mariel-chan when staying in the same dormitory…
… Not good, I derailed.

Anyhow, because I have a lot of luggage, I will bid farewell to the stuff I don’t plan on using immediately.
The luggage is sealed with a magic crest of the Ellisfeed Household, so I don’t have to worry about my stuff being seen or stolen until I release the seal and open it, but while that would remove the magic seal, the crest would stay on it, so everyone would know it belongs to me and spurt various rumors… I guess there are rumors flying around in the girls’ dormitory already.
While looking to a place far far away, Teacher Neil was inquiring from Mrs. Dora.


“Umm, Mrs. Dora. Is there a maid who could be reassigned to the special dormitory? I would like her to follow Miss Cristea…”
“Hmm. It would be different if I knew about this beforehand, but I think it would be difficult to reorganize them now. The maid in charge of Cristea-san’s room is also in charge of other rooms… besides, with the Sacred Beast gentlemen there, I am worried that an exclusive maid would be too nervous to work…”

Mrs. Dora sighed troubledly.

Life in the academy’s dormitory is generally on the “take care of yourself” principle, but there are many noble children who can’t manage to do that. That’s why there are room maids and exclusive maids to some extent, but they cost quite a lot of money.
It’s not a lot considering the financial power of our family, but if a maid stays by my side all day long, Mashiro and Kurogane might think that she’s trying to sneak in, so I convinced my parents to keep the assistance at a bare minimum, that I could manage on my own.

Well, speaking honestly, I can do things on my own to some extent, and I don’t want to be followed by a maid I don’t know anything about in the first place… no matter how much security there is, I feel that it would be pointless then.
Nobles think of maids as servants, don’t they…
Besides, with the mighty Sacred Beasts nearby, the maid would definitely worry about displeasing them.
I don’t want anyone to work in such a landmine-filled mess.
When I tried to tell Teacher Neil that I will manage by myself, Mrs. Dora looked at me as if she remembered something.

“… That reminds me, Cristea-san?”
“Y, yes!”
“Is Miria still working as your maid?”

Miria? Why does Mrs. Dora know Miria?

“Y, yes. Miria is my personal maid… you know of her?”
“Yes, of course I do. She has graduated here too, after all. I remember her very well.”
“Is that so…”

I see, Miria has more or less of magical power, so she attended this academy.
Thinking about it carefully, this would make Miria my senior, no?

“Is she staying in the Capital while you are at the academy?”
“Yes, that’s correct.”

An impish smile appeared on Mrs. Dora’s face.

“How about calling her over then?”
“Eh! Miria?”

To this special dormitory!?

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