Chapter 410

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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My room.
If Miria comes to the special dormitory, I will be reassured and grateful.
But, weren’t nobles forbidden to bring their own servants?

“By all rights, it’s prohibited to be accompanied by personal maids, but the academy is unable to prepare enough staff, so it’s a special case. Additionally, she understands the dormitory rules, so she will be able to know what to do even without our guidance, which will save us a lot of trouble. Of course, dispatching someone directly from the Ducal household can only be a temporary measure, and it will be possible to replace her as soon as additional personnel is secured.”
“Thank you very much. It would be of great help to have Miria here with me. Please let me consult with you about the change of personnel again.”

Y, yay! Mashiro and Kurogane won’t attack Miria, so I can be at ease! Moreover, another girl will be very welcome in this male-dominant dormitory~!
…. Erm, huh? Wait a moment?
Come to think of it, Sei is here!
Miria only knows O-Sei-chan in the Ichima-san appearances, right?
Miria is acquaintance with O-Sei-chan so it will be difficult to deceive her like Oniisama. If you look closely, you can see that they are the very same person…!
When I glanced at Sei, he seemed to be thinking the same, so we exchanged nervous smiles.
I don’t think that Miria would make a fuss if I explained to her, but… I better check with Sei later.

“Well then, we better request Duke-sama to send her over. I will write him a letter later. Now, let me guide you to your room.”

Mrs. Dora said and stood up promptly.

“Y, yes!”
“I should return to the boys’ dormitory then. Mrs. Dora, I will leave the rest to you.”
“Yes, you can rely on me.”
“Hey, I am the special dormitory’s manager, though!?”
“Cristea, Mrs. Dora is going to teach you everything you need regarding the dormitory life. I will come to see you again.”

Oniisama disregarded Teacher Neil and returned to the boys’ dormitory.
I followed Mrs. Dora out of the room, through a spacious hall, climbing giant staircase on the right side before arriving in front of a door.

“This door is connected to a room that will be yours from now on. We now have to register it, so please insert the key in the hole.”

I inserted the key into the keyhole Mrs. Dora pointed at.

“Just put your hand onto the magic stone above the keyhole and pour your magical power into it.”

When I did as instructed by Mrs. Dora, and poured magical power into the magic stone, the magic stone brightened.

“You are now registered as the main owner of this room. The two Sacred Beasts gentlemen, please do the same. Oh, keep the key in.”

With the key left in the keyhole, Mashiro and Kurogane took turns in touching the magic stone.

“Please let Miria register the same way when she comes. You and Norman-san are siblings, but please do not register anyone else of the opposite sex. It’s fine to invite people into your room, but I can’t recommend it due to security reasons. I think it would be better to utilize the lounge or parlors instead.”
“Understood. I will do that.”

Oniisama aside, it would be troublesome if Prince Raymond followed me.

“Well then, turn the key please.”

Abiding Mrs. Dora, I turned the key.
The magic stone shined simultaneously with a clacking sound.


“The registration is now complete. The next time you want to register someone, you just have to touch the magic stone and pour your magical power into it. The door won’t open to anyone besides those registered even if they have the key or pour their magical power into the magic stone. This will last until the day you cancel the registration yourself. Now, please open the door.”

When I opened the door, there was a smallish hall beyond.

“This door connects to different rooms depending on the key. Please make sure to not lose your key.”
“Umm, what do you mean that it connects to different rooms?”
“Warp magic was applied on this door, so it connects to the room that was registered to the key. If you use a different key, the room beyond the door would be different.”
“That’s incredible…!”

Isn’t this like the door from some anime that leads to an unlimited number of destinations?

“It’s to avoid suspicious trespassers. By the way, the windows are endowed with barrier magic, but the effect fades when you open the window, so be careful with it.”

Ohh… the security measures are perfect.
Entering inside under Mrs. Dora’s leadership, I received several simple explanations like “This is the bathroom, this is the restroom…” etc.

“This is your private room, the bedroom is further back inside.”

When I opened the door, what greeted me was a spacious room.

“The room is large so the Sacred Beasts can feel relaxed as well. The bedroom itself is also quite spacious, but we are able to prepare separate bedrooms for the Sacred Beasts if necessary.”

Unexpectedly, this room was apparently built to be suitable for the Sacred Beasts.
Well, Mashiro and Kurogane stay with me even when I go to bed, so there’s no need for separate bedrooms.

“Umm… would it be okay to prepare a separate bedroom for Miria?”
“It might be too big for a maid, but… there won’t be any problems since she’s your personal maid. The maids would be swarming the servant quarters out of curiosity too anyway.”

Oh, there would be people interested in what kind of room the master of Sacred Beasts lives in and stuff like that. If that’s the case, then I would gladly keep her here by all means.

“Thank you very much:”
“Your luggage is already here. Make sure to take out only what’s necessary until Miria comes, okay? Well then, I will be returning to the girls’ dormitory, so make sure to contact me with this communication tool if something comes up. Do you know how to use it?”

The communication tool Mrs. Dora showed me was the same type Otousama uses in his room.

“Yes, I know.”
“This will connect you to Teacher Neil’s room, and this will connect you to my room. Well then, I will be excusing myself.”
“Yes. Thank you very much for your help, Mrs. Dora.”

After confirming that Mrs. Dora left, I decided to explore my new room.

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