Chapter 411

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Room exploration.
“Well then, why don’t I check the rooms first?”

Since I saw Mrs. Dora off at the entrance hall, I decided to look around here… the hall, first.
This spacious room that is big enough to be called a hall, seems large enough to host Kurogane in his big form.
There is a hanger for coats and a full-length mirror to check one’s appearances right across the door, but there’s nothing else besides that, it’s completely deserted.
It’s of this size most likely to allow large-sized Sacred Beasts and magic beasts to come in and out.
… What would I do if my contracted Sacred Beasts was a Unicorn, I wonder?
Are there stables within one of the other rooms or something…?
I advanced through the spacious corridor with questions in my mind, and checked a bathroom and toilet that were on the way.
I was getting excited since so far. The rooms were arranged like rooms of a mansion from my past life, so I was looking forward to the upcoming dormitory life.

“I wonder what this place is… oh.”

When I opened the door and peeked inside, the mini kitchen was there.
When compared to the kitchen in our mansion, it surely was a mini kitchen, but considering the days I spent living alone in my past life, it was large enough.
There was a big sink with two magic stoves, shelves with tea utensils and tableware, a table in place of the kitchen unit and a service wagon.
Err, as expected, there’s no cold room… ah, a small magic refrigerated box found.
Well, I have an Inventory, so this much is alright with me.
It’s regrettable that there’s no magic oven, though.
Luckily, there’s space for appliances, so let’s just buy it.
My repertoire will increase with the oven here.
There was a magic stone set in the magic stoves and the sink, and there was a kettle-like container with a simple tea set on the shelf.
I decided to test it by boiling water and making tea.
When I touched the magic stone on the sink, water came out of the faucet that was incorporating a water magic formula.
I quickly filled the kettle with water, wiped off the droplets with a towel, and placed it on the magic stove.
When I touched the magic stone on the magic stove, the flames under it ignited.
The magic stove seemed to be the old-fashioned type as it was set with several smaller magic stones that adjusted the heat by touching them.
Touching one magic stone was for gentle heat, two to three for medium heat, and four for high heat.
Touching the big magic stone twice will turn off the flame.
It was the old-fashioned type most likely because no one used this room for so long.
Well, the flames on the stoves of the newest type stove can be adjusted freely with a dial, so I hope to exchange it if possible.

If a replacement is not possible, then I heard from Mariel-chan when we went out for tea
about a tabletop stoves that apparently have good performance, so I might buy one of those.
It seems quite convenient to have one in my Inventory anyway.
I have no way to buy one now, though.
Hmm, hmm, the water started boiling while I was looking around the kitchen, so I retrieved tea leaves from the Inventory.
While waiting for the tea to finish, I took out my favorite tea set and put it on the shelf, and thought about where to put other kitchen utensils such as the chopping board and pots.
… It would seem easier to consult with Miria when she arrives.
I will have Miria help me with cooking from now on.
Actually, I have never made sweets together with Miria before.
Fufu, I’m looking forward to it a bit.
The tea got finished in the meantime, so I decided to move rooms to drink tea with Mashiro and Kurogane.

Sitting on the sofa and handing tea to Mashiro and Kurogane, I sighed.

“I never thought we would get exposed before settling down in the dormitory.”

I thought people might not notice if they stayed in their human forms, but… I did not expect for Teacher Neil’s magic beast to see through it so easily.

“Also, I did not think Sei would end up in the special dormitory too. I was unnecessarily worried about Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama keeping the secret.”


I had a meal before, but I took out tea cakes and crunchy cookies from the Inventory.
The cookies were crunchy with a buttery-flavors spreading through the mouth once bitten into.
Yep, an oven is a necessity, after all.
I have to tell Mariel-chan that I’d like to buy a portable magic stove and an oven, and ask her for a recommendation of a store.

Taking a tea cup in my hands, the soft fragrance tickled my nose.
This is it, this is the correct way of making tea. The thing Teacher Neil made before is blasphemy to teas.
I definitely won’t taste tea made by Teacher Neil again. Ever again.
While making a vow to myself, Kurogane who grabbed a cookie let out “That reminds me.”

“I spoke with Byakko via telepathy a while ago and they were apparently caught the same way as us the other day.”
“Ehh!? Sei and the guys too!? Rather than that, since when did you manage to converse with Byakko-sama!?”
“N? In the lounge thingy? You did not seem to notice, Lord.”

… I was apparently too desperate to pay attention to the surroundings.

I can converse with Byakko-sama via telepathy, so I should have asked stealthily for details… I was thoughtless.

“I see… so the perception of that Mr. Monkey was so good it could detect all of the Sacred Beasts, huh.”
“No, that monsters is of the weakest species, so it’s quite sensitive to danger. Making that much noise in the wild wouldn’t be much of help. Well, it lost its mind there because of the power we possess…”

… Come to think of it, it did shout things like ‘no’ and ‘scared’. It was cursing Teacher Neil too. Making that much noise would certainly give up your location.
Now that I think about it, Kaguya was scared silly when she saw Byakko-sama for the first time too. She was desperate to get my magical power when she met Mashiro and Kurogane.
Haah… so this is what Otousama and Oniisama meant when they said that I would get exposed right away, huh.
I bet those two also did not think it would be this quick, though…
At that very moment, the magical telephone in my sight started flashing.

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