Chapter 412

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Incoming call…?
The magic stone on the magic telephone was flicking on and off.

“Err, this is from… Teacher Neil?”

When I approached the telephone, it displayed Teacher Neil’s pattern.

“Eh… what is it about?”

What do I do, I want to block him.
… Or not.
While wary of whether he would ask a barrage of questions about Mashiro and Kurogane, I timidly touched the magic stone of the magic telephone.

“… Yes, what is it?”
(Ah, I’m glad~ you picked the call up. Looks like you have been briefed by Mrs. Dora on how to use it.)
“Yes, simply, but… how can I help you?”

When I asked what Teacher Neil what his business is, I was quite nervous.

(Ah, yes. The food’s here. I thought we could eat together with everyone to deepen our friendship within the special dormitory.)

Come to think of it, I was told the food is being transported here.
Ehh~… eating with Teacher Neil?
I feel like I would get barraged with questions during the meal, so I’d like to refuse if possible… ah, since he said with everyone, it means that Sei and others will be there too, right?

“… I understand. Do I go downstairs?”
(Yeah, it’s the room next to the lounge~)

Saying that, Teacher Neil ended the call.

“Mashiro, Kurogane, I think you’ve heard, but we are going to have a meal with everyone.”
“You sure? Didn’t you not want to get involved with that fellow?”
“Yes, well that’s true, but… he’s a teacher after all and I will be in his care, so some kind of exchange is necessary… besides, it seems that Sei and others will be there too.”
“We are fine with it as long as you are… that guy looks troublesome, though.”

However, he seems to be the type of person who escalated the things if neglected, so I believe it would be better to satisfy his thirst for knowledge a little as a precaution.
When I explained to the two, they were reluctant but agreed to go.
After I cleaned up the tea set and went out, I met Sei’s group downstairs.

“Ah, Sei… -sama.”
“Were you called by Teacher Neil as well, Miss Cristea? We had a meal with Teacher Neil yesterday too, but… it would be better for you to get ready, you might get barraged with questions.”


Whoah… as I thought.
Looking at Sei’s fed up expression, he must have been quite obstinate.

“I told him that things don’t work the same way back in my country so I won’t be able of reference, so I was able to resist a little, but you might encounter trouble, Miss Cristea.”

Ehhhh… being questioned during the meal is bothersome.
He’s probably going to ask how I established the contracts with the Sacred Beasts, but… it’s not like I can tell him that I was introduced to them by one of Sei’s contracted beasts, Byakko-sama.
I can’t also tell him that they decided to form a contract with me because they like the dishes I make because of my magical power in them, as it won’t be of any help.
Seeing me so troubled, Mashiro and Kurogane moved to both of my sides.

“You need not worry, Lord. Just do as you please.”
“That’s right. We will shut him up if needed.”

Nono, Mr. Mashiro!
How are you planning on shutting him up?
Let’s stop with the violence, okay!?

“… Thank you. I will try to deal with him suitably by myself.”
“That’s fine.”
“Cristea, you can always rely on us.”
“Y, yeah…”

As I was overwhelmed by Mashiro’s uneasy remarks, we arrived at the door next to the lounge.

“Oh, you are here! Come here, come here!”

Following Teacher Neil who beckoned us, we entered the room where a big dining table with food was set.

“This is a conference room, but there were no contractors for many years. It might be good to start using it as a dining room instead!”

Teacher Neil said so with a smile on his face, but nono, it might be fine as an occasional activity, but I would like to restrain from dining together with you, Teacher Neil!

“I don’t know your preferences yet, so I ordered the same menu for everyone, is that fine? Come, why don’t you sit down, everyone.”

Teacher Neil sat down on the so-called birthday seat, while Sei’s group and my group sat facing each other.

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