Chapter 413

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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A nostalgic taste, in a sense.
Looking at the dining table, the food was set on trays for several people, and placed at each seat.
It appears he brought it in as it was provided by the dining hall.

“If Sacred beasts found it not enough, I have more stored in my magic box. This thingy has a time stopping function, so eat while it’s hot. I will leave it here, so take it out yourselves if you get hungry after the entrance ceremony.”

Teacher Neil clapped on the box next to his seat.
A magic box is a spatially-extended box, just like the Inventory.

The Guild Master of our fief’s Adventurer’s Guild, Tirie-san, has a magic bag with the same function, but they don’t always necessarily have time stopping function like the Inventory. This effect in the bags and boxes seem to be gradually losing its effect, though.
The price of these items skyrockets if the time stopping function is included, and adding a large capacity to it, it becomes a costly treasure, or so I heard during my idle talk with Mariel-chan.
Either way, it’s still expensive.
Even so, it seems to have the valuable time stopping function.

“Well, I’m glad I could utilize this. I forgot to eat while immersing myself in researching a magic box before, so Mrs. Dora had to negotiate with the academy to buy one for me as me and the magic beasts I employ would starve otherwise… Well, I simply purchased the box with the academy’s money in advance, and now installments are deducted from my salary each month… ahaha.”

… Wh, what a tough life.
I found Teacher Neil who laughed “Ahaha~” pitiful, but thanks to the magic box, the eating habits of Teacher Neil and his magic beasts improved, so now that it’s so helpful, he’s doing his best to repay it.
We sat with on the left side of Teacher Neil, while Sei’s group sat on his right.
… This is the dormitory meal, huh.
In the tray, there was soup with grease floating on top, a hard bread, and a lump of meat that seemed to be strongly seasoned with salt and some spices.
Oh my~… I haven’t seen this for a long time.
After our family got to know what good food tastes like and started making it skillfully, a menu of this kind has disappeared from our home.
I’ve also improved at magical power circulation, so I don’t have the need to cook high-calorie food to supplement my magical power.
I timidly scooped out some soup.

“I… I will eat now.”

Ugh… the taste itself isn’t that bad, but it’s so greasy.
The bread was harder than the bread we had at home before, so I decided to eat it while dipping it into the soup.

“How is it? It’s not good, right?”

When I looked at Teacher Neil, he was fighting the meat with a bitter smile.

“I heard that the food in Duke Ellisfeed’s mansion is delicious.”
“No, that’s…”


“Speaking of Duke Ellisfeed’s mansion, your own recipes seem to be very popular, Miss Cristea.”
“I, is that so…”
“I’d love to see the dormitory food improve while you are attending the academy.”
“Haha… indeed.”

What? I feel like I’m being asked to take on that task in a roundabout way, though!?
You can’t ask that of a student, no?

“Ah right, Miss Cristea. I couldn’t report this because Headmaster isn’t here today, but please do accompany me when I go report to him about your Sacred Beast contracts tomorrow morning. Your parents will be there too.”

Teacher Neil said so nonchalantly as if saying “Tomorrow’s going to rain” so I couldn’t understand for a moment.

“…! Cough! Eh, umm? Tomorrow… you said?”

Reporting to the Headmaster!? Moreover, with Otousama and Okaasama there!?


“That’s right? Oh, the two lords Sacred Beasts too.”

Teacher Neil said something so outrageous while stuffing his cheeks with meat.

“Your maid is most likely going to come with them, so do your best to look after yourself until then… you will be alright, yes?”
“Eh, err, yes. I will be fine, but…”

Wait a moment? To have my contract exposed and parents called over even before enrolling…!

“My~ Headmaster has it difficult too. Even though he visited the castle today regarding Sei-kun’s matter, he will have to go there again.”
“Oh, the reason Headmaster is absent today is because he went to report Sei-kun’s Sacred Beast contracts to the royal palace. Because Sei-kun is an overseas student, it would be bad if the country meddled with him, so there are necessary countermeasures to take.”

When I looked at Sei, he nodded at me with a wry smile.

“Umm… will I be reported too?”
“Well, of course. We have an obligation to report Sacred Beast contracts to the country, after all.”

Too quick. I thought I could manage somehow after enrolling, but this is moving way too fast.

“Well, we will consult about your future with you after reporting to Headmaster tomorrow.”
“… My future?”
“Yes. We have the obligation to report to the country, but we have to confirm with your parents and Headmaster what do you want to do in the future. In Sei-kun’s case, he has no guardians present, so his own wishes and intentions will be reported to the country.”
“Is that… so?”
“Well, no need to be so worked up. I will tell you more tomorrow morning.”

Teacher Neil said so and continued eating.

“I understand…”

… So that means there’s still hope?

(… Oi, Missy. I have something to talk to you about, so sneak to the lounge after Neil retires to his room.)

Suddenly, I heard Byakko-sama’s voice.
When I raised my head, Sei and others were eating without looking over.

(Missy, you heard me, right? Laters.)
(Y… yes.)

I was struggling with the food in front of me while thinking about a lot of things.

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