Chapter 414

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Called over.
After the meal was over, Teacher Neil approached me with interest, saying: “I would like to hear more about Sacred Beasts~”
He spoke to Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama during the meal and asked questions to Kurogane and Mashiro, but they coldly ignored him… Teacher Neil’s mentality is strong~
But, this conversation with Teacher Neil would be endless if I went with him and I was called over by Byakko-sama, so I refused.

“Pardon me, but I will retire earlier than usual as there’s the matter tomorrow.”
“Ehh~ that so? Hmm, well, it can’t be helped today. Let me hear all the details slowly some other day!”
“Yes, if there’s an opportunity… well then, I will excuse myself first.”

Shrinking away from making a promise, I returned to my room with a deceitful smile.

“Hah… it was just a meal and I’m this tired.”

Sighing out, I plopped on the sofa while Mashiro and Kurogane sat next to me.

“It has been a while since I ate something that bad… no, I had never put something so bad in my mouth.”
“Right? Hey, Cristea. I want to eat your yummy food.”
“Umu. I can’t settle without eating Lord’s first-rate meal.”
“Yes, yes. I did my best eating but I couldn’t eat everything, so I would like to eat some too…”

I took out orc soup and onigiri for the two while I myself had only the orc soup.

“Haah… this is it. As expected, an orc soup full of ingredients is justice.”

Satisfied by the taste they were used to, Kurogane and Mashiro ate with whole-faced smiles.

“That’s right. Orc soup included, eating anything you cook makes my power surge, Lord.”
“Yup. Cristea’s food is the best!”
“Ufufu, thank you… but, what do we do from now on? Eating that kind of food every day would be too much…”

If I did, I would be on the highway to a pig. Besides, leaving the table each time would be awkward.
Having said that, a new student like me cannot possibly instruct the chefs to improve the cafeteria cuisine…
I don’t have to worry about food because of the large stock in my inventory, but it’s not like I can avoid eating all of the dormitory meals…

“Fumu. Can’t you say that you are going to have the meal in your room?”
“It would be the best if Cristea could cook instead…”
“That would be the best-case scenario, but as expected this isn’t our home, and it’s not like a noble like me could cook for the dormitory.”

I can’t complain now, but it’s something I was thoroughly scolded by Okaasama at the beginning.

“You are selling the recipes anyway, wouldn’t it be fine?”
“If we claim that we shall not eat unless it’s food made by you, wouldn’t we get permission?”
“Ehh…? You think so…?”

Well, in fact, Teacher Neil is aware of the recipes, but he’s probably not thinking of letting me cook every single day, so I’m not sure about getting permission.
Although it’s worth trying, I have to do something about the meeting with the headmaster first…

“Lord, shouldn’t you go to the lounge soon? Byakko is waiting for you, right?”
“Oh, that’s right. Let’s go.”

Not good, not good, Byakko-sama told me to come over.
Leaving the room, we made our way to the lounge.

When I quietly opened the door to the lounge, there was not only Byakko-sama inside, but also Sei and Suzaku-sama.
When I moved inside and closed the door, Byakko-sama promptly erected a barrier.

“Yo, I am glad you seem to be doing fi… ouch!”

Sei smacked the head of Byakko-sama who was speaking cheerfully.


“Geez, you… Miss Cristea, sorry for calling you over so suddenly.”

Sei who was sitting on the sofa next to Byakko-sama stood up after hitting his head and deeply bowed his head.

“Don’t mind it, Sei. There are also things on my mind I would like to talk about.”

I sat on the sofa opposite to Sei’s group.

“Yeah, you must have gotten surprised about many things today. On top of that, I was going to apologize too.”
“The reason your Sacred Beasts contracts were exposed are surely because of us.”

Sei apologetically explained to the puzzled me.

“A few days ago, I was on my way to the boy’s dormitory, but I brought Byakko and Suzaku as my attendants. There, we came across the monkey that is with Teacher Neil…”
“Monkey, you mean that Timid Monkey?”

I recalled the monkey that Teacher Neil had with him at the gate.

“That’s right! That squeaking, noisy monkey sensed us. Because of that, Sei’s contracts got exposed.”

Byakko-sama continued the explanation with an unpleasant expression.

“That fellow grabbed the screaming monkey and rushed with it towards us. The screams got louder the closer he got to us, so we got immediately exposed.”

After that, they were brought with a similar “Would you come with me to talk for a little?”, where Sei’s contracts were brought to light at the special dormitory.
There are apparently nobles who secretly bring small, weak monsters as pets too, and Teacher Neil was just on his way from making rounds around the dormitory. The students can apparently hand them over to Teacher Neil for keeping. Most of the students sent them back home, though.
I can understand feeling worried about leaving them with Teacher Neil.
Also, Seiryou-sama and Genbu-sama are still being kept secret as they thankfully didn’t manifest as attendants yet.

“… And so, it was decided that we will be staying at this special dormitory. At that time, Teacher Neil spoke with all dormitory managers to strengthen the check for monsters.”
“Ahh, so that’s why…”

So that’s why Teacher Neil was checking students at the gate, even before they got into the dormitory.

“Sorry, you got into trouble because of us.”
“It’s not your guys’ fault. I was just unlucky. Besides, that monkey would expose us sooner or later…”

It would be difficult to deceive something so loud.

“I think there’s a consolation in sadness that we got to stay at the same dormitory. Right, aren’t you hungry? You did not eat much earlier, right? Would you like to eat something?”
“As expected of Missy! I can’t eat something like that ever again! Let me eat something!”
“Ohh! Cristea-sama, how kindhearted you are! Thank you very much!”
“Have some self-respect you guys!”

I retrieved the food from my inventory with a wry smile as Sei scolded the two.

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