Chapter 415

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Once again, Sacred Beasts are incredible beings.
“Well, that. We did get exposed immediately in the end, but being able to eat delicious meals like this is a blessing in disguise!”
“Yes… truly… it’s a time of bliss.”

Byakko-sama laughed as he chomped down on Onigiri, while Suzaku-sama ate quietly with a melting smile.

“Fools. It will get troublesome for Miss Cristea from now on. We are pathetic for having you feed us like this… forgive us, Miss Cristea.”
“Don’t mind it, Sei. You also didn’t have a good appetite, right? Eat up, eat up.”

I pushed the food towards Sei who bowed his head apologetically, poured tea to everyone’s cups, and sat on the sofa.

“It was a disaster for you guys too, huh. I didn’t think I would be exposed this fast.”
“That can’t be helped. Weak monsters are often cowardly and overly sensitive to strong existences. Well, they wouldn’t be able to escape otherwise. We also didn’t think that something like that would be living at the academy.”

Byakko-sama shrugged his shoulders.
Which reminds me, Kaguya was also extremely frightened by Byakko-sama’s existence and tried to hide in fear.

“True. Though we wouldn’t even pay attention to a small fry like that in the first place. Those kinds of fries generally run away from us anyway. Just because of the miscalculation that was the guy called Neil, it didn’t run away… no, would saying that it couldn’t escape be the more precise?”
“It couldn’t escape?”

Satisfied by the food, Suzaku-sama who slowly proceeded to pour herself a cup of tea nodded to my question.

“Yes. That monkey is not a contracted beast, but an enslaved one. They are not under a contract like us, it’s being forcibly enslaved. It couldn’t escape from us most likely because of the orders it received.”

According to Suzaku-sama, Timid Monkeys seem to be the weakest kind in the monster society(?).
Detecting threats and quickly running away is apparently their specialty.
Despite that, it detected us but it was making a ruckus instead of running away, so Suzaku-sama believes that it was ordered to do that with a magic command.
It certainly didn’t escape but make ruckus instead when it encountered us as well.
It didn’t seem like Teacher Neil heard its telepathy, but it was berating him for being “idiot” while hiding itself behind his back… I wonder if this little guy was putting up some resistance?

“This fellow called Neil is utilizing the nature of that monkey.”

Kurogane said annoyingly and Byakko-sama who finished eating poured himself a cup of tea, added.

“That seems to be the case. There seem to be countless of people bringing pets with them without authorization, so he’s regularly patrolling around, or that’s at least what he said.”

Ah~… there’s no way he wouldn’t find us then.
That’s why Oniisama seemed so unimpressed at that time.
That’s what he meant by being found sooner or later, huh…


“Well, it’s troublesome that we couldn’t keep the contracts secret, but you weren’t rejected from enrolling, and the headmaster seemed like he would do a good job reporting to the country, so you guys don’t have to worry that much!”

Byakko-sama encouraged me with a wink while I was looking far into the distance.
Even if you tell me that, the headmaster is going to interview me with my parents tomorrow, so not worrying isn’t possible for me.

“That reminds me, Sei. How did you explain your contracts with Byakko-sama and others to the headmaster?”

Sei is the son of Yahatul’s Emperor, the one who rules over the entire country, but he was raised by a family of a Samurai, and the Empress is after his life.
The eldest child from the Empress… Sei’s brother from another mother is sickly, but his mother the Empress wants to make him the Emperor, and killing Sei is one of the steps.
Sei who had no ambition of becoming the Emperor fled under his foster father’s recommendation and crossed the ocean to enroll into the Doristan Kingdom’s academy.
Until he reached the necessary age of enrolling, he stayed in the main office of the Bastea Company located in our fief, who are apparently good friends with his foster family. That’s where I met him while looking around for products from Yahatul, but…
He was cross-dressing at that time… no, he disguised himself as a girl wearing a kimono, but I was totally deceived and thought he was a girl… that’s why I was really shocked when I found out he was a boy.
Although he was trying to escape so much from the Empress, the real trouble began when the four divine beasts approached him to form a contract while he was leaving Yahatul.
The four divine beasts are beings that exist to protect the Emperor.
The impatient Empress who was waiting for the four divine beasts to appear before her son was still after Sei’s life…

“The Doristan Kingdom doesn’t know the circumstances of Yahatul’s succession requirements. That’s why people don’t know that I might become the next Emperor. We told them that I am a high noble under a temporary contractual relationship with the two.”
“It was only me and Suzaku manifested by a coincidence that time, after all. It would be very troublesome if all of us were gathered and the old hag would get to know about it, so Seiryou and Genbu are forced to act covertly.”
“I am a bodyguard-type maid.”

I see. The Emperor would be able to send Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama as bodyguards for a high noble. A temporary contract, though… is something like that possible to do with the Sacred Beasts?
Well, in Yahatul’s case, the Emperor is contracted with the Dragon God who control’s the earth’s veins, and he is a God-like existence to the citizens of Yahatul, so if ordered by the God, forming something like a temporary contract would be necessary, so I can… understand?

“That being the case, I have explained to the headmaster that the contract I am under has a slightly different meaning to the contract usually established in the Doristan Kingdom. That’s why I think the headmaster should have reported to the country that these guys that are my guards now won’t stay silent if they meddle with me, an overseas student.”
“That right. The royal family of the Doristan Kingdom is only contracted to the lion, no? No matter how strong he is, he’s no match for the two of us, right?”
“I… I see…?”

So it was a threat! I wanted to interfere, but I am great for enduring.

“However, the balance might be broken with your contracts coming to the light, Miss Cristea…”

With the existence of my contracts with Kurogane and Mashiro, the power balance would collapse, and Sei’s position might weaken.

“Oh my! There won’t be any problems, Lord. If all of us get serious then this very capital would turn to ashes, they are no fools so they would know that befriending us would bring better profits.”
“Right? I pray that the Doristan Kingdom is not run by fools.”
“Ha… haha…”

Turning the capital to ashes, just what are you talking about!?
Once again, I realized that Sacred Beasts possess tremendous powers and I trembled inside.

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