Chapter 416

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“Miss Cristea, you will be meeting with the headmaster tomorrow… will you be fine?”

Sei asked worriedly. I would also like to know whether I will be fine.

“Hmm… my parents will be present, but I have no idea what we will be talking about.”

Of course, we will be definitely talking about the contracts with Sacred Beasts, but…

“In our case, he first confirmed whether we had any hostility towards the Doristan Kingdom. After that, he invited us to stay in the Doristan Kingdom.”

… Doristan Kingdom, just how much do you want to bring the Sacred Beasts contractors in?

“How could they ask the next Emperor of Yahatul something like that… I’m sorry.”
“Haha, they don’t know our situation, so there’s no need for you to apologize, Miss Cristea. Wanting to bring over potential force to your side is only natural. I also said it was a temporary contract, so there won’t be any problems.”

I see. It’s a temporary contract, so even if Sei betrayed Yahatul, his contracts would get canceled so there wouldn’t be a meaning.

“Since I’m here as an overseas student, I replied that I would do my best to collaborate as long as it doesn’t bring disadvantage to my motherland, but in your case, they don’t need to invite you to stay as you are already a person of this country, right? Wouldn’t you be coerced into doing something?”
“Hmm… my family told me before that Sacred Beasts contractors often… get engaged to those in power.”
“… There aren’t any powerful nobles that could match the influence of your Ducal household, no? I don’t think that a Duke’s daughter could be used as a pawn in politics…”

It’s no wonder for Sei, who knows that I’m being doted on by Otousama, to think so.

“Do you remember that the Crown Prince has visited our fief once before? His Highness doesn’t have a fiancé yet. Actually, I should have been engaged to him since the day I was born, but Otousama declined because of the possibility of my magical power running dangerously wild.”

Well, that’s not the only reason as Otousama is also a fool for his daughter and he holds many grudges against His Majesty who is his childhood friend.

“Who would give his beloved daughter to a fellow like you!” he stormed out and persisted in refusing up until now.
But you see, Okaasama was the problem…
Her Majesty was her bestie in school, and Okaasama was originally supposed to be engaged with His Majesty, with a twist of fate, she got her engagement with His Majesty canceled and ended up marrying Otousama, who was her first love.
I thought there was no chance of me being engaged to His Highness, but Her Majesty said “It would be wonderful if our children got married!” and got replied with “I won’t say it wouldn’t be possible.” so she wished for His Highness and I to marry. Speaking frankly, it’s bothersome.


“Ahh, I see. There’s no problem status-wise, plus you are close in age… but, I’m certain that you said you don’t wish to marry him?”
“Yes. If I marry into royalty, I won’t be able to cook and eat Yahatul food as I do now. I don’t want to lead such a strict life.”
“That is a big problem! I absolutely refuse for Missy to marry into royalty!”
“Agreed! Cristea-sama should cook freely!”

Byakko-sama and Suzaku-sama made a racket while Kurogane and Mashiro glared at them.

“You are noisy and have no right to interfere. We will abide by Lord’s wishes… of course, it would be best if she continued cooking delicious food.”
“That’s right. Making sure that Cristea does whatever she wants to do is the most important. If Cristea wants to cook and eat together with us, then I will make sure she is able to.”

Kurogane, Mashiro… I’m happy, but this remark that hides your real intentions is a little bit too much, you know?

“… Fu, haha! You are amusing, Miss Cristea. Normally, young noble ladies dream of marrying into the royalty.”

I lightly glared at Sei who burst into laughter and poured tea into the cups that everyone emptied.

“It’s not like all girls want to marry royalty. In the first place, young noble ladies normally don’t cook on their own, so I am aware that I’m an oddball. But, if this is taken away from me, I will cease being myself.”

I don’t want to forget the nostalgic flavors of my past life.
“Present” is important too, but since I can remember my “Past”, I don’t want to let it go since it’s a part of me.

“Haha, you may say that you are an oddball, but… to me, meeting this oddball called Miss Cristea that became my first friend I made in this country was my greatest fortune.”
“Oh my! You were supposed to deny that I’m an oddball here, you know!?… But, I’m glad I could become your friend, Sei.”

Saying that, we laughed.
Sei, who sought refuge in our country because his life was targeted, was lonely.
I, who was confined in our fief because of my enormous magical powers also had no friends.
I think I was able to befriend Sei only thanks to remembering my past life’s memories because I came to know that Yahatul’s cuisine is similar to the Japanese one, and I’m really glad about it.
Sei is my friend whom I can share the joy of the nostalgic taste of my past life.
And, also my partner in reincarnation, Mariel-chan, of course.
My current family allows me to cook and they like the dishes I make.
I feel happy seeing everyone eat with smiles on their faces.
All that would be lost after entering the royal family!
I gulped down the tea and smashed the cup on the table.

“Anyhow! I want to avoid entering the royal family. Of course, I have no hostility towards the country, so aside from the engagement, I will cooperate with them to the best of my abilities! I will go with that!”
“Y, yeah… do, do your best.”

Sei cheered me on while watching me gulp down the tea vigorously.
After that, we talked for a little longer and returned to our rooms.

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