Chapter 417

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Let’s head to the Headmaster’s office!
The next morning, after getting up early and finishing my usual yoga routine, I got ready and left the room with Mashiro and Kurogane for breakfast.

“Good morning.”
“G’morning, Miss Cristea. Here, your breakfast.”

When I entered the room where we had dinner yesterday, Teacher Neil took out a breakfast set on trays from the magic box and handed it to us.
The menu was a hard bread with salad, well-cooked scrambled eggs with salty soup and milk.

“Thank you very much.”

We took the trays and sat on the same seats as yesterday where Sei and others were already eating in the opposite seats.

“Good morning, Miss Cristea.”
“Good morning to you too, Sei-sama. You are early.”

Looking at the trays of Sei and others, they were nearly finished.
I wake up early for a young noble lady myself, but Sei seems to be waking up even earlier.

“Yeah, I train with Byakko every morning.”
“Sword and martial arts training. There are places where guards can’t accompany him, after all. He ought to learn some simple self-defense skills, right?”

Byakko-sama answered proudly to my question.
… Byakko-sama teaching Sei?
I recalled the muscle-brained way of teaching Byakko-sama taught me the warp magic with.
I don’t think it’s possible for Byakko-sama to teach Sei slowly and carefully…
I sympathized with Sei who must be constantly confused by Byakko-sama’s muscle-brained guidance.

“… Fumu, a training, huh. Do you mind if I joined you once in a while? This doesn’t seem like a place I could move my body freely.”

When Kurogane asked such, Mashiro replied “I will protect Cristea then~” with a refreshing smile.

“Listen here, Mashiro. This is your chance to spar with someone else besides me. There are no dangers lurking for our Lord in her room.”
“Ehh~ It’s fine as long it’s only once in a while…”

Teacher Neil stood up when Mashiro reluctantly agreed.

“M, may I observe Sacred Beasts practice!?”

The roughly breathing Teacher Neil who appealed with his eyes sparkling like a little boy looked truly gross… no, scary.

“Umm, Teacher? Although it’s a practice they will be in their human forms, you know? It’s training mostly for my sake, after all.”
“Eh, b, but it’s possible to verify their combat capabilities in the humanized state, no?”

Hearing Sei’s remark, Teacher Neil’s excitement got toned down a little.

“Neil, if you’d like to watch that much, why don’t you join us in practice?”
“… Eh? T, that would be a bit. I’m a researcher, so I’m not very combat-ready…”

When Kurogane proposed joining them, Teacher Neil’s vigor suddenly disappeared.

“You are going to be a hindrance then. I will force you to join us if you get too close, alright?”
“… This is regrettable, but I’d like to refrain…”
“Umu. That is fine.”

Ohh, Kurogane, how splendid!
To succeed in defeating Teacher Neil…!

“Ugh… even though every researcher would love to witness the training of Sacred Beasts… nono, there should be countless opportunities from here on out…”

… Teacher Neil seemed to be grumbling something countless opportunities, but Kurogane and others treated it as if they didn’t hear anything.
I addressed Teacher Neil to distract him.

“Teacher, about today’s meeting…”
“… Eh? Ahh, yep. Right, right, the Headmaster. Headmaster is expecting to see you. I will be taking you there in just a moment, so make sure to get ready.”
“I heard your parents will be going directly to the Headmaster’s office.”
“… Understood.”


I wanted to talk before we got to the Headmaster’s office, but it can’t be helped.
Otousama agrees with my wishes and I will try to sincerely convey my feelings to the Headmaster.
I’m scared about Okaasama’s reaction, though…
Preparing for the worst, I waited for the meeting with the Headmaster.

Returning to my room, after doing some light preparations I got a call from Teacher Neil saying that we should be heading to the Headmaster’s room next.

“Alright, let us go. Mashiro, Kurogane.”
“Yeah, let’s go!”

Hmph! After I fired myself up and moved to the hall, Teacher Neil was waiting for us there when I opened the door.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”
“No, it’s fine. Headmaster’s office is a bit far away, so we will be going by carriage. Now then, let’s go.”

A carriage was waiting behind the door Teacher Neil opened. Teacher helped me up and Mashiro and Kurogane followed after.
Closing the door behind us, the carriage started moving and made its way further in the back of the academy.

“The closest building to the dormitories is the General Education building. The building is for holding lectures of general education elementary courses, elementary and intermediate magic, and teaching necessary knowledge about magical power for those who need it. I teach Monsterology there as well.”

The carriage advanced while I listened to Teacher Neil’s explanation.

“Besides classroom lessons, this building also has an adjacent training grounds for practicing elementary level magic. Practicing intermediate and advanced level magic is done in different training grounds that are secured with magic barriers.”

I saw a huge dome-type building on the opposite side. Is that the training grounds?

“That big building is an auditorium. The school entrance ceremony will take place over there. The building next to it is a teacher’s building where the offices of teachers are located. Headmaster’s office is on the top floor of the teacher’s building.”

The carriage ran past the big building and stopped before the teacher’s building.

“Well, we’ve arrived. Headmaster’s office is this way.”

We followed Teacher Neil inside.
The floor built from a solid stone made resounding noises as we walked on it. Then, we arrived in front of a sliding door.
Teacher Neil pressed a button, the door made a sound as it slowly closed behind us. The moving noise stopped and the door before us made the same sound and opened.
Before us was a small room that would be crowded with just ten people.

“Well, come inside. We will be going to the top floor now.”

The door closed when we entered the small room, Teacher Neil then pressed another button and poured magical power into a magic stone below it. The entire small room started moving.
… This is an elevator!
So there were elevators in this world too.

“Umm, this isn’t a warping room, is it?”

I remember using warping room to go to each floor at the Royal Palace, so I wondered why they didn’t use it in school where they teach magic.

“Eh? Ahh… using warping magic is a waste of magical powers. You’d rather use that magical power on something even more useful, no? This might be a magic tool that is operated by a magic stone that needs to be supplied with magical power, but it can be moved even with little amounts. You can use it during emergencies even after you consumed a lot of magical power.”

A warping circle certainly needs a lot of magical power to start the warping process.
So this academy uses magic tools to save up on magical powers, huh…
We arrived at the top floor while I observed the elevator similar to my previous life.
When the door opened, I could see a grand door at the end of a hall that was filled with a luxurious-looking carpet.

“Headmaster’s office is at the end of the hall. Come on.”

Urged by Teacher Neil, we stepped out of the elevator and proceeded through the hall to the Headmaster’s office.

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