Chapter 405

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“I got mostly convinced in the carriage, but… Miss Cristea, are you a contractor?”

… If you say it so smoothly, isn’t the only way I can answer “Yes”?

“… Yes.”

Ahh… being exposed even before the enrollment is too much.
What is going to happen to me?
I wonder if I will be sent home and my contracts reported to the country even before I manage to enroll? Uah~ if that happens, all this time I was trying to keep it secret is going to come to naught…

“From what I saw earlier, these two must be Miss Cristea’s contracted Sacred Beasts, yes?”
“… Yes.”

Sorry, Mashiro, Kurogane. Even though you had to endure in my shadow up until now..

“… Eh?”

When I was feeling gloomy, I raised my face to look at Teacher Neil who was looking at me with a very nice smile for some reason.

“I might be a monsterology teacher at the academy, but I was originally Sacred Beasts researcher.”
“Eh…? H, haah…”

Teacher Neil continued without noticing that I was troubled about the reaction I was supposed to show.

“I have been admiring Sacred Beast contracts since I was young. I researched monsters in detail, trying to see whether I could contract a Sacred Beast myself.”
“And so, I was able to contract magic beasts during my time researching, but a contract with Sacred Beast did not come true…”
“Is that so…”

Noticing that I was troubled by his sorrowful expression, teacher put a smile on his face again.

“Ah, but it’s fine. I was able to find a partner thanks to my current magic beast contract. Also, it seems that I will be able to research carefully from now on!”
“… Eh?”

Teacher Neil said with a very nice smile, but… research carefully he said… what does he mean…?

“That being the case, I welcome you. Welcome to the special dormitory!”
“S, special dormitory?”

What is this special dormitory?

“Teacher Neil, Cristea is at her wits’ end. Please explain to her properly.”

Right, right, tell him Oniisama!
I don’t know what’s what anymore!

“Eh? It’s only natural for Miss Cristea who contracted Sacred Beasts to enter the special dormitory, no?”

Teacher Neil said blankly.
As I said, what is this special dormitory?
Is this not the girls’ dormitory!?
While I was panicking, the door of the room opened and an elderly lady entered.

“My, so you were here. I brought you the keys to the girls’ dormitory.”
“Ah, Mrs. Dora. Thank you very much.”

Teacher Neil stood up and received a key from the lady called Mrs. Dora.


“Mrs. Dora. I have decided to let Miss Cristea Ellisfeed here, who was supposed to stay at the girls’ dormitory to stay at the special dormitory. Please transfer the luggage that arrived earlier here.”
“Oh my! This year is an unusual one.”
“Eh! T, this place is not the girls’ dormitory?”

Transfer my luggage from the girls’ dormitory, what is this about?

“Myy, Teacher Neil? You have not explained things to Cristea-san properly?”

Mrs. Dora reacted to my panicking words and pressed Teacher Neil for an answer.

“Eh… no, umm, I explained just a moment ago…”
“Mrs. Dora. We have not received a full explanation from Teacher Neil.”

My Oniisama spoke loudly and interrupted Teacher Neil.

“… I thought that was the case. It’s Teacher Neil after all. He must have gotten absorbed in his thoughts of research again and didn’t explain in detail.”

Mrs. Dora sighed while looking at Teacher Neil, causing him to shrink back.

“I, I am ashamed… it’s incredible that there’s a contractor to begin with, but they are Sacred Beasts, you know? I was desperately trying to restrain my excitement! This is an extraordinary harvest this year!”
“Calm down, Teacher Neil. Err, it was Cristea-san, right? Duke Ellisfeed’s daughter, I see. I am Dora Mason. Girls’ dormitory manager. Please call me Dora.”

Mrs. Dora looked at Teacher Neil unimpressed and introduced herself to me.

“Y… yes. I am Cristea Ellisfeed. Nice to meet you. Umm… I can’t enter the girls’ dormitory?”

When I asked timidly, Mrs. Dora smiled and urged us to sit down.

“Let’s re-brew the tea… Teacher Neil? You did something so terrible again!”
“S, sorry… I thought this way was more efficient.”

Teacher Neil was scolded by Mrs. Dora and curled himself up more and more.

“Be quiet. Efficiency doesn’t matter when you are trying to entertain guests. Isn’t that the first thing you should be focusing on?”
“Y, yes…”

Mrs. Dora prepared tea while lecturing Teacher Neil.
And, while slowly brewing tea, she took out a paper and pen from the pouch hanging on her waist, quickly wrote something on the paper and blew on it after chanting shortly.
Then, the paper transformed into a paper bird and flew away.


Eh, amazing! What was that? That was so cool!

“Sorry about that. That was magic to send letters, it will fly to the girls’ dormitory and transfer your luggage here.”
“Umm… what is this special dormitory? I can’t stay at the girls’ dormitory?”
“It’s not like you can’t stay there, but… contractors fundamentally stay in this dormitory. It has been prepared especially for contractors like yourself.”

… That reminds me, Otousama once spoke about like this, didn’t he… so this was the place, huh.

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