Chapter 463.1

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Let’s go to the class!
I went back to my room, changed into my uniform, and checked my entire appearance in a full-length mirror.

“… Okay. Looking good! Then, I’m goi…”
“Cristea-sama, you have forgotten this.”

When I tried to leave with writing tools in my arms, Miria stopped me and handed me an attachable frilly collar and sleeves.

“Eh~… I thought I wouldn’t need these since classes are starting today.”

It would be distracting during the classes, so I thought I should only wear those fancy things for ceremonies and other special occasions.

“That won’t do. There will be no practical classes for a while, just lectures, so please wear it.”
“That can’t be…”

I think the frilly sleeves will be a hindrance when taking notes or writing on the board.
I don’t want to dirty the nice lace.

“Although your uniform is of a better quality than that of other young ladies, its simplicity at first glance may cause you to be held in contempt. Therefore, I think it’s better to make it gorgeous from the beginning.”

So bothersome. The aristocracy’s pretentiousness and vanity is really troublesome!
But if I make myself look like a fool, I might cause trouble for my family instead.
… Well, Otousama and Oniisama would likely retaliate, so I guess that’s a bigger concern.
While thinking this and feeling very reluctant, I let Miria attach the things to my clothes.
I, I’m definitely going to take this thing off when during practice, okay!?

This time, I finished my preparations and hurriedly left my room to head downstairs, where I found Sei already waiting for me in the entrance hall.

“I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”
“It’s nothing, I just got here myself. Shall we?”
“Yeah. I will be leaving then.”

I called out to Kurogane and Mashiro, who had followed me down the hall, and stood right behind me.


“You see, it’s the academy rule that students cannot have bodyguards. Me being Sacred Beasts contractor doesn’t change that rule, and I don’t intend to break it.”

I’ve heard that Oniisama and few selected students were chosen as Prince Raymond’s guards bodyguards, but that’s a special exception.

“Guh… It can’t be helped, we will stay on alert here then. However, My Lord. Be sure to call for us immediately were something to happen, alright?”
“Yeah! I will come straight away when you call for me via telepathy, okay?”

Kurogane and Mashiro were still looking at us, fidgeting as if they were worried.

“Ah~ geez, you guys are too overprotective. It’s better to stay a little further away to leave these guys alone for a while.”

Byakko-sama grabbed the two by the collar and pulled them away from me in wearily.

“What are you saying? Are you telling us to stay silent if something happens to My Lord?”
“That’s right! We’re going to tear this whole place apart!”
“Stop it, you two! I told you to not utter such violent remarks!”

I think Byakko-sama is too offhand in this matter, but I don’t want these two to be this overprotective over nothing.
It would be nice if they could calm down a little after a while of the dormitory life.

“Tora, behave yourself. Take care of this place.”
“Sure thing. Do your best to study.”
“”We are off.””

While Byakko-sama was holding them back, we left the special dormitory.

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