Chapter 463.2

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Let’s go to the class!
“… Geez, they are both such worriers.”
“Don’t say that. They are just trying to protect you, aren’t they?”

I sighed, and Sei, walking next to me, chuckled as he spoke.

“I know that, but… this is the first time the two will be living among so many people… especially children, so I’m worried they wouldn’t know how to take it easy. I’m worried they might accidentaly hurt someone.”
“I’m sure they wouldn’t do anything that would make you sad, Miss Cristea…”

If Sei, who has known the two of them since back at the fief says that, then perhaps they will be fine.

“But… they might get frenzied if someone hurts me or something.”
“… I cannot deny that.”

Ugh, you should have said, “It will be fine” there!

“… I’m going to try to convince them to be more patient.”
“Yeah, I think… that would be a good idea.”

I’m sure the stress will build up if both of them remain cooped up in the dormitory, and I’d love to get them out of there, but…

“Cristea-sama, Sei-sama~! Good morning to you!”

When I heard a voice calling my name, I looked up and saw Mariel-chan waving in front of us.
I was about to rush over to her, but as a young noble lady, I couldn’t recklessly run about, so I raised my speed a little and walked over to her.

“Good morning, Miss Mariel.”
“Mariel-san, good morning. What is wrong?”
“I thought I would attend together with you two. Umm, do you mind if I join you every day from now on?”
“I don’t mind…”
“Of course! Ah… but what about the children from your own dormitory?”

I’m worried that it might be inconvenient for her if she’s going with us, since she will probably be interacting within the girls in her dormitory.

“Ah~… it will be fine. I’m getting along pretty well with commoners and merchant girls. The nobleman’s daughters are… not very close to me, perhaps because I am from the family of emerging nobles.”

Ehehe, Mariel-chan laughed, but is she really all right…

“Rather than that! I was worried about you, Miss Cristea! Have you been okay since then?”

Mariel-chna said and peeked at my face.
Gee, she doesn’t have to worry about me like that.

“Of course. I feel better after a good night’s sleep.”
“Ehh? Isn’t that something you should be worried about more?”
“Miss Mariel… I thought you were supposed to be worried?”
“Eh? Ah, r, right. I’m sorry!”

Sei pointed out with a dumbfounded look on his face, and Mariel-chan turned bright red and fell silent.
As we walked towards the auditorium, Mariel-chan, who was walking next to me, made ‘Huh?’ expression.

“Eh? After I split with you guys, Norman-sama, His Highness, and even Sei-sama did nothing…?”
“Not really, after that, Oniisama sent us off to the dorm…”

I remembered that Oniisama confessed to me again in front of the dormitory.
Recalling my exchange with Oniisama the other day, my face turned red and Mariel-chan did not overlook it.

“Ah! Something happened, after all!? Cristea-san, tell me more in detail!”
“Geez, we will be late! Let’s hurry up!”
“Ehh?? It’s still early! Hey, Cristea-saan! Ah, no, Cristea-samaa~!”

As if to shake off Mariel-chan’s pursuit, I headed for the auditorium as fast as I could.

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