Chapter 464.1

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First day of classes.
When we entered the auditorium, most of the seats were already occupied.
There were no empty seats in the front or the back of the auditorium, and only a few seats in the middle seemed to be empty.

“Erm… ah, there seem to be some empty seats over there.”

Mariel-chan pointed to the seats slightly to the left of the center from the podium side.
There didn’t seem to be any other seats where we could sit side by side, so we looked at each other and hurriedly moved to those seats.
Sei, I, and Mariel-chan sat down in that order, and each of us began to prepare our writing utensils so that we could use them immediately.

“Fuuh, I guess we’d better come a little earlier tomorrow.”

We had planned to come early, but it was the first day of classes and everyone seemed to be excited.

“Yes, I guess so. By the way, which seat do you prefer, the front or the back?
“I don’t really have preferences for that…”

When I looked at the seats in the front row, I saw that many of the students were wearing simple uniforms.
Apparently, most of the students were commoners.
And since their future was at stake, they were eager to learn seriously.
The seats in the back of the room, on the other hand, were…
A group of well-tailored, over-decorated uniforms lined up in a row, all looking like nobles.


“… Ah.”

In the very back of the room, near the center, sat Alicia Gruzier, the blonde drills girl, along with her cronies.
Alicia-sama noticed that I was looking at her, but she immediately turned her head away.
The reason why the surrounding cronies chuckled at me after noticing me, was because I was sitting in the middle of the room and not wearing the promised flashy uniform, despite being the daughter of a Duke.
I heard them talking about it in whispering tones.
No, I’m not particular about my seat, and I like my uniform, so it’s fine.
But I’m still the daughter of a Duke, you know?

I understand that this is a place to learn regardless of your status, so I don’t really blame them.
But even if I don’t mind, in some case my Oniisama or Otousama may hear of this, so you should be careful about what you say and do, no…?
I’m going to remind my family not to interfere just in case, but most of the time they do things that I don’t know about, and when they do, I can’t stop them.
I’m really begging you, okay? I don’t want my classmates to disappear before I know it, and find out it was because of me…

While praying in my mind, I observed the other seats in the back, and saw that a group of good friends had already formed, and several of them seemed to be enjoying chatting with each other.
According to Oniisama and Mariel-chan’s information, most of the friendships of noble children are like the children’s version of their parents’ factions.
So, even if they seem to be getting along well, their parents’ power relations are affecting them.
There are some exceptions, like Mariel-chan, whose father is a newly emerging noble and doesn’t have many relationships with other nobles to begin with, or in rare cases, they get along with each other regardless of their status, but most of them are miniature versions of their family’s factions.
I’m one of those rare cases.

I’ve been holed up in my fief since before I can remember, and it was doubtful whether I would have been admitted to the academy if I hadn’t been able to control my magic, so I guess no family would have wanted their child to be my friend.
I know how they feel.
As for the potential fiancée of His Highness Crown Prince Raymond, I had withdrawn early and was out of the candidate race.
Even though I’m the daughter of a Duke, there wouldn’t be many advantages to being my crony.
Rather than that, it’s better to get know with other young ladies who can potentially become my true friends, right?
It seems that all the families are wondering how they should associate with me now that I’ve become conspicuous in so many ways.

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