Chapter 464.2

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First day of classes.
Mhm, I want to have friends, but I don’t want to be part of a faction or anything like that…
At the moment, it seems like they’re watching me from afar. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to make friends, but I’m going to have to take the stance that it would be nice to make friends with girls that I like.
… Still, it’s a good thing I listened to Miria about the sleeves and collar.
The fabric and tailoring luxurious although looking casual, but compared to the other noble students, my uniform looked plainly simple…
I’m fine with that.
I will take the attachable collar and sleeves off gradually… so long I don’t get scolded by Okaasama.
Oops, I’m getting off-topic. So, the back of the room is occupied by a nobles who are probably of a fairly high rank and their cronies.
The seats in the middle are occupied by commoners, merchants’ children, and low to mid-ranking noble children sporadically scattered here and there.
I guess, you can really tell a lot about a family by their uniform.
No wonder Okaasama didn’t like my request.
I have to thank Sally, the tailor, for helping me out.

“Erm… Cristea-sama?”

I have been keeping silent without replying, so Mariel-chan looked at me worriedly.

“… Eh? A, ah, let’s see. I don’t have preferences, so I really don’t mind whether I sit at the front or at the back.”
“I see.”

The front row should be given over to those who are eager to learn, and the back should be for the… ahem, so middle is the best position.

“What about you, Sei-sama?”

He’s an international student, so he might want to learn more in the front.

“I don’t really care either. It’s easy to see from this seat, too.”
“So, do you want to stay in the middle seat tomorrow?”
“Yes, let’s do that.”

As we were talking about this, the lecturer stood at the podium, so I straightened up and turned my attention to the podium.
“Quiet, everyone. We will begin our general education lectures today.”

So a lesson is finally going to start in earnest!
I opened my notebook excitedly.



“That’s it for today. Spend this afternoon reviewing and preparing for tomorrow’s class. That’s all.”

As soon as the lecturer left the auditorium, everyone started talking, and the place became noisy.
Some of the boys ran out of the auditorium in a hurry.
It must be hard for kids of elementary school age to just sit still and listen to a lecture.
Besides, it was just before noon, so I’m sure the hungry kids were rushing to the cafeteria. After all, they’re in the prime of their eating years.

“What about lunch, Cristea-san? Are you going back to the dormitory?”

Mariel-chan asked while putting away her writing utensils.

“Yes, Mashiro and Kurogane are waiting for me, so that was my intention.”
“I see… I wanted to talk a little more with you.”

Mariel-chan showed a disappointed expression.

“You wanted to continue our morning’s conversation anyway, right? Would you like to study with me in the afternoon in the salon building?”

We could go to the library too, but then we wouldn’t be able to chat.

“The salon building is fine with me, but are you sure? After what happened yesterday…”

Mariel-chan was probably worried about the fact that I got tangled up with Alicia-sama yesterday.
I’ve had some stares today, and I can tell you that I’d rather avoid encounters if possible, but…

“Why don’t you use the lounge room in the dorm?”

As I pondered this, Sei suggested that we use the special dormitory’s lounge.

“Let’s see… but Teacher. Neil has told me that only dorm students are allowed in there, is that okay?”
“We’re already well known in the academy, and Miss Mariel has been a friend of ours since before we entered, so it won’t be a problem. Besides, we have ‘guards’ in the dormitory, so it’s rather safe, right?”
“Yeah… Mariel-san, let’s do that, shall we? You can have lunch in the special dormitory, too.”
“…! Yes! I’d be happy to~!”

Mariel-chan smiled with delight and replied as if she were in some kind of pub, and I couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

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