Chapter 503.1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Accompanied by the Sacred Beasts!?
“Haah… I’m full. Still, I’m happy! We will be able to eat proper Yahatul cuisine at the academy.”

After leaving the café and on the way back to the classroom, Mariel-chan spoke to me while rubbing her stomach.
… Mariel-chan, that gesture is disqualifying for a lady’s manners, don’t you think?

“Yeah. I was able to get the Head chef to understand that dashi is the key to flavor. He said he was going to order not only miso but also kombu and katsuobushi in large quantities from the Bastea Company. I’m glad I could be of service to the Bastea Company, which has always been a great help to me.”
“I’d like to thank you for that. Duke Ellisfeed alone have been very supportive, and now even the academy… I am proud and happy that the taste of Yahatul is also recognized in Doristan Kingdom.”
“No, don’t thank me. It’s just that Yahatul food is wonderful. I don’t take credit for it.”
“No, I think a lot of things have changed since Miss Cristea came to the Bastea Company. I don’t think Yahatul cuisine would ever be made at the academy like it is now.”
“That’s right! If Cristea-san hadn’t registered the recipe, the deliciousness of Yahatul cuisine would never have been known. You deserve a lot of credit for creating that opportunity!”
“I, is that so?”
“That is so! Even I became a friend of yours thanks to your registration of the recipes…”

Mariel-chan smiled shyly, “Ehehe.”
I see, my recipe is the reason why I and Mariel-chan, a fellow reincarnated person, got together, wasn’t it?
I’m so glad I registered the recipes.

“That’s right, Cristea is amazing, okay!”
“Umu. I, too, think we should be more proud of the Lord’s meals’ greatness.”

Mashiro, Kurogane why are you guys acting so smug?
… Rather, why are you guys following us?


“… Aren’t you two going to return to the dormitory?”
“Nope! I’m going to watch you study!”

No, don’t! Okay?

“As a condition of the debut, we got permission to spend our time at the academy freely. I thought it would be a fine now that things have finally settled down.”

No, because things are not fine.
I think everyone is just quiet now because the Headmaster’s warning has taken effect.
There are still more than a few people like Adry-sama who are trembling with longing to meet the Sacred Beasts.
In fact, even now when I’m heading to the classroom, I’m being gawked at from afar.
Not only my classmates, but even upperclassmen were going out of their way to call out to me and see me, which makes me feel very uncomfortable.

“My Lord, don’t worry about the small insects around you. If any harm comes to you, I will take care of it immediately.”
“No, you cannot do that, okay?”
“They were already told to stop approaching us, so we are allowed to smack the bad guys around, no?”
“Smack around, you say… no, wait. You don’t mean pulverize by that, do you!? If you do, then you absolutely can’t!”
“Tsk~ So that’s not allowed.”

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